My Gateway laptop keyboard

A glass fell off my top shelf and knocked 2 keys off my keyboard. My z and x keys are now off… I have all the pieces but am not sure how to put it back together. I’ve read websites, but they only tell how to put the key back together…

that’s not really my problem. I am pretty sure my x key will need replacing, but my Z key will probably be fixable, I am just not sure how the fuck it stays connected to the keyboard. Pictures coming tomorrow of my issue… so fucking tired right now.

I wonder if I will need super glue. )=

If it is possible to replace my x key with another key that I never use, I will gladly do that… it looks about the same size and shape as my insert key which lies inconveniently next to my space bar, either that or the windows key.


bubble gum that shit -up grits…:looney:

Well you should be able to just pop the key back into place. I’ve popped keys out of keyboards before, and that’s how I put them back.

You can host pics here:

bumped w/ pictures, thx.

why does the x key need to be pushed so much 0_0?


but i have a gateway laptop too
and one time the colon key just fell out

and i just popped it back in no prob

Cause it’s really difficult to type “sex” without it, lol. Umm… I popped keys back on before, but if you can see in the picture, there are 3 metal holes… and I’m not sure what plugs into them, if anything.