My Gen is Dead

I have noticed that I no longer improve in my Gen play, I feel like I have reached the peak of improvement with Gen, its so depressing. I wanted to totally master Gen but it seems there is only a level I can get to. :frowning:

is it only me or does it happen to anyone else? and to make matters worse I cant play anyother character as well as I play Gen so I cant even switch, it sucks man

It’s called a plateau. Nut up and push on through.

No way, man. It’s a psychological thing: it depends on your stress, efforts, even the weather. Our brain goes into cycles of improvements and “laziness”, probably you’re just I’m the latter one.
Wait and see. Anyway it happened to me, too, for long time, regarding Gen, lol, now I feel I’m slowly improving again

There’s always ways to improve, you just need to find the right method. Try recording yourself a lot, and look at the videos particularly when you lost. Ask yourself what you could’ve done better, make a list and start working on it one by one. Like for instance, if you notice you don’t anti-air enough, make it a point to focus completely on that for a good set of games, then move on to the next.

These are just things that help me. Also, finding players who specialize in characters you’re not familiar with and playing them in long sets for matchup knowledge helps me a lot too. I find that by practicing certain matchups, it obviously improves my ability in total against all characters.

Well I have done that, in a country where the community is so small. it doesnt really help. but thanks for your advice

I have been stressed out and depressed lately, could that be a factor. I feel somewhat in a daze and dont give a fuk what happens in my matches. I guess I take a breather, what do you suggest?


I suggest trying a different character with a similar style or inputs. I feel that changing up what I do with your joystick alone helps clean up my inputs.

I also find myself gaining some measure of comfort using new inputs with Gen after utilizing similar ones with other characters. Just as every characters links are relative to eachother, you may find that perhaps, using some less efficient but stylish combos with your main or another character that you previously had trouble with.

In my case, I utilized blockstun and charge from using Deejay as a method of footsies with Gen. Playing with shoto’s gives me better habits about buffering uppercuts.

Finally I suggest just watching videos. Themessiah has some interesting stuff that he occasionally reveals in videos, Xian has great footsies, and Amiyu has all of the character specific safe jumps and setups.

Just pick up an alt, keep it fresh, and** stay hungry!** Play against better players and you will get better one way or the other.
I strongy recommend playing offline, on a CRT with better players, preferably in a local tournament. Playing under pressure, getting into your opponents mind, and keeping them out of yours is more of this game than your ability to play your character.

I have a golden rule for Street Fighter: if I don’t enjoy playing, I have to do something else for some days/weeks. And yes, when I say “enjoy”, I mean both winning and losing. Playing for me must be fun, no matter my result :wink:
In the past, when I was more stressed because of some exams, I noticed that I was also not enjoying Street Fighter but rather kind of playing it as a habit. So I stopped playing for some weeks and, when I was not studying, I just relaxed with some good books or roleplay video games.
Try. After a while you’ll see that, when you feel ok, the game will pull you in again :wink: and your skills will improve, too.

Arigato, schiff san. Time to pack my doffle bag and go on a vacation

Yeah, take a break. I think it’s better to see a replay after that break, so you can think more rationally about things (i.e. “Why did i fall for this frame trap”, or “Is it better to jump or block that fireball?”). I usually take week long breaks before locals so I can sense habits even my friends can’t figure out. Then again, when there’s offline competition around it usually boils down to FT5-sessions :slight_smile:

thx man. I will do just that, I think I will go on a Gen vacation. I guess the only thing I am yet to master with Gen is counter poking and footsies in general.

I like the idea of taking a break too, but I’d also throw out a recommendation to play ST/HDR and 3S on the side. the bare-bones nature of the games will polish your execution and improve your footsies. much better than coming back refreshed but slightly rusty.

I know how you feel man. I am sort of feeling the same way after loosing to a scrub dhalsim and decent rufus at my last tournament.

Okay I’m going to be honest, man the hell up, seriously.

From the last time I talked to you, you were doing a whole lot better, and it’s only been a month or two. A couple of us Gen specialists have gone through it, and for the ones who are dedicated, have stuck with Gen, and pulled through. Don’t expect to have an easy learning curve with Gen, or any character in general, actually, this is like life; If you’re stuck in an obstacle, you don’t just give up like a wussy, I’m being serious, you keep at it and push through.

Solution: Like everyone else is saying in this thread, take different routes;

  • Take a break; play another game
  • Play different characters you like using
  • Try/do different tactics with Gen, play completely different from how you would normally play

I have improved greatly thanks to you sensei and for that I am grateful, I have been resting for some days now, quietly working on a C.Viper tutorial for rookies (basically converting information I find on SRK viper forums to video and learning video editing in the process)
I am playing Killer Instinct Gold at the moment, but not seriously
I have been messing around with Ryu, E.Ryu, Fei and Viper but they dont feel natural like Gen.
About trying different tactics that is quite hard, cos going into a match I have no strategy that the condom strategy that is to play safe as much as i can.

on a side note I am thinking of learning chess just to improve my brain. I always dreamed that one day I can shock the world and win EVO/CANADA CUP/SHADOWLOO SHOWDOWN with Gen before I get married or die, I guess I’m like the old man in a way, we both want the impossible hahahaaaa.

Sir Nu, sorry I havent been on skype, my internet is off for some time now. thanks

Uh… it’s not like I’ve been expecting or waiting for you to be on Skype… o_O

hahahaaaa, ok.o_Oo_O

Besides Gen I play Fei Long and Dudley for a change.
Fei is so effective and simple that it’s relaxing.
Dudley has more HP and can get in close easily. He’s also hilarious with his silly rose that actually boggles opponents.
That’s how my Gen holidays look like. :smiley:

I’m practicing a bit with Yun, instead… :slight_smile: it’s fun now and I like the idea of playing master and student :smiley:

I may pick up Yun too. at least now that no one plays him.

I also play DeeJay as sort of an all around style character, I use him to auto pilot people in tournaments.

And I also play Makoto, whom I have been told is my best character, because I have nearly all of her mixups down pat, but I never feel confident with her in a competitive setting because I really need to download someone to crush them with her.

The real benefit of playing Gen is you bring those footsies skills with you to other characters. People hate my deejay for his spacing, and my Makoto for how I use her special normals to move, how I zone and frame trap with her normals, and how I alternate what I use to anti air without relying on fukiage for combos.

One thing you probably know, is that Gen requires full attention to play and win with. Having a character that you can “autopilot” especially for tournaments is very beneficial. I am considering Chun for this reason because she uses similar footsies/spacing/zoning but she actually has a fireball and a much more proven skillset. She seems to be unknown tier in this game.