My gen te stick

Just got the artwork done what do you guys think?

It looks pretty awesome. Where in San Francisco do you play?

Also, you might want to consider posting things like this in the Tech Talk forum next time. There’s a thread for showing off custom sticks there.


I need a new stick too… =\

Yeah I posted it up there, but I wanted to see what the Gen users thought of it :slight_smile:

I live in the Bayshore area, still refining my Gen play are there any places to play console up here?

Who made that for you? Something like that needs to happen to my stick :]

You need to give me that PIC!!!
At least as a wallpaper!!

Looks great! The masks that go with the color of the buttons is an awesome idea.

The stick is basically a TE tourney stick with the only changes being the following

-sanwa 30s for the buttons, same kind just a change in color to match the masks

-arrowed dust washer - because I am a sucker for cosmetics haha

  • Plexi from Art’s, i got the extended cut when I thought I was doing the full, although the extended isn’t bad because the black border kind of frames the image

  • Artwork - Although I had a vague idea and the gen image on the left, the rest of the piece is really a credit to my friend Jessery Lacerna, she really came up with the full bodied idea, redid the masks from basically a camera phone shot of them, and put together the color schemes and the placing of the images. Definitely dope and I am sure she would put together something for anyone who needs it (I am assuming for a small fee?)

As for putting it together as a wallpaper, this is the best I can do, you might need to take out the buttons though

I am also working on a gen template for my TE stick.

this is my current mockup:

if you have opinions, ideas I’d be happy.

I just fell in love with both sticks posted here :frowning:

I want custom art for my stick too haha

I make custom sticks. Gimme ur email and I’ll send you some picks if your interested.

I dont have them posted or I would put up link. If I have time I’ll do it for everyone to check out.

Thats fuckin dope! Even a black ball top would work (which is the only thing I have other than the normal white one lol).

Hell yeh! Please do! I’m super interested in that.

Here are pics from 2 sticks I made.

The picture quality isnt the best. They were taken with my phone.

Ken. This is the stick I use. It was the 1st one I made that is worth showing.

I made Ken instead of Gen cause My Gen stick is gonna be a masterpiece, so I had to work out all the bugs.

Rogs. I made this one for a friend

Let me know what you guys think.

Those Gen Sticks are the greatest!!! Holy crap I’m in love. <3 I’m so jelous.

Any suggestions on how to do Mk+Hands on the PS3 controller+360…

Much appreciated, (even though it may be an impossible feat plausible by only the most archaic gods). No stick here. All I got so far btw, is to put it on my knees and try and piano the buttons but eh… you can’t do that on reaction, but it might be workable after a focus cause then you can switch it to your knee cause you know you’re gonna ready for it, but yeah.

I swear from now on MK-hands should be treated as a virus. It manages to corrupt every topic/thread.

So last night I was making love to my wife and she was like, “Hey babe, how do you do mk-hands?” I was like, “WTF, It got to you too!”

Is it possible to make conversation anymore without someone asking how to do mk-hands?


Truuuue storrry! lol. My wife told me my unborn daughter kicked, then a little bit above where she kicked my wife started feeling multiple pokes…:shake:

I want!

I also added a full cover version and a black and white version: