My gen then and now

Hey everybody i got on this forum a while back in 2010 im still new here and learning the ropes. I really am trying my best to get better with gen. Vega was my main and then i decided to pick up gen cause his combos are really crazy. But it took me a while to get the basics down with gen.

Some combos and mix ups i do are (have more don’t feel like typing them all >_<)

J.crane Hp. ,mantis Mp. hands, mantis super, Heavy geriko

mantis crouching Mp.,low geriko

mantis mp. mantis mk. hands. (just learned this on ps3 controller still needs work)

J Crane mk, crane s.lp, crouching low kick, mantis super, Heavy geriko.

I have some pretty decent skill with gen and i am really looking to get it up to the next lvl. I was mostly playing on the xbox. But decided to come to ps3 due to my wallet >_<. But i really really like gen. I watch videos, practice combos, and fight other players online and offline…I would just like to have a gen player on psn to help me out a bit or point the ways i should do this. I know a some of you guys learned this stuff on your own. I would be truly grateful if anyone anyone could assist me in getting up to about 5000 bp with gen then i think i could take the rest from there…But i really want my skills to match that of a higher caliber of player.

Well, creating threads like this is sort of frowned upon, since all the information are technicaly available in the stickies. But- once in a while it can be good for the community to come together in a sort of pimp-my-Gen-thing.

First of I would throw out Mantis C.MP xx Gekiro. Don’t see any use in that one.

Throw in Mantis C.LKx2, S.MP, [LK Gekiro] / [S.MK xx Hands] as bread and butter.

S.MP, S.MP, S.MK xx Hands is good stuff. Safe on block, blockstring tight and allows you to mix, bait and frametrap.

S.MK (xx Hands) xx Super, Ultra is one of the godliest pokes. That reach and that damage on a 5f startup move… you can punish some things that are safe because of pushback.

Poking around and anti-airing with Mantis S.MK/C.HP/Sweep and Crane C.MP(xxLP Roll)/C.HK usually nets me more damage than flashy combos.

And if your opponent has a bad anti-air, spam crossups.

Hey thanks man!

Thanks for not just looking over this thread and I do apologize if I have gotten on anybody’s nerves with this one.

Yea okay i will drop xx Gekiro…I did try it on wake up on chars with no rising. But I take up what you said…Sounds like its gonna take a good amount of practice to get it too be like Bread and butter but the old man is just like that. I will try to give two hours a day to each one of those until i can use very nicely in battle. I had a lot of trouble with Ryu and other shotos…I just read about practicing crane c. mk. under fireballs…I saw it in a video then forgot about it…I will put some time into that as well hope to rise in the ranks with Gen so the old man is gonna be getting a lot of my time… Thanks for helping me out even though I’m pretty noob-ish with Gen

I’m planning on playing tonight at around 10:30pm with a couple of friends, if you’re down I can invite you, we’ll play and I’ll watch you play and I can help you out there.

If you have AIM, it would definitely help a lot cause I can just tell you what you’re doing wrong/what you need to do on the spot :slight_smile:

my PSN is nubbbi

Yea sure your 10:00 pm is my 12:00 so i will try to stay up xD…

Also i ran into a pretty good Gen that goes by the name of D_proto He really kicked my ass…I found out another one of my problems with gen is i can do all those combos in training mode but when it comes to actually doing in a match i drop combos and try to many things…I am gonna try to take it one step at a time…But i get so pumped cause i know what gen is capable of so…I guess i just need to get some more combat time

I notice alot of people are not interested in these type of threds so i thought i could try to make it a bit more interesting.

I want to post up my progress with gen and see how good I can get with him and see how high i can climb the latter with him… I just really started using gen this week so. Right now my starting point is 2000 bp as of yesterday (on psn)…So yeah I will try my best to get better and clime the ladder to Gen hood!

Just checked out my old topic…

I have improved nicely in the past few months i hope its okay for me to revive this. Its cool to look back and see how i have grown as a player in the past few months. In super i got to 6100 BP then i switched over the XBL then i got 5000BP. Now in A.E i have like 5200 BP PP 2400. I would like to keep on doing this i still think this is a interesting idea…Gonna change up the name thought to “My gen then and now”

Contrary to what people might think, PP and BP don’t say anything about how you play and what you know and don’t know. I know close to nothing about your Gen in actual battle. Posting videos might help with that. :wink: But I do hope you enjoy the improvement and keep going at it.

I’ve started to get some things rolling through the IRC channel. Think of updating the current match-ups, combos and stuff like that. Those really need the updates right now, and any help is appreciated.

Most importantly:

**You do not have to do crane j.hkx2> mantis> TC2 hands> FADC> TC2 gekiro

Just because Gen has all these combos doesn’t mean you need to feel the use to use them. Work up from the very basics like his normals. What do you know about them? Do you know all his anti-airs? Do you know which give you a frame advantage on block? Which has the longest reach when playing footsies? Did you know crane can be used to dodge projectiles? Work on basic footsies/combos/cross-ups first. Know when to play footsies, and be on point with anti-airs and punishes. I understand wanting to dive right into all the high-ish level stuff like crazy ass Oga cross-ups and big FADC combos, but if you don’t have the stuff described above down you will never get a chance to do those combos in the first place. Footsies create oppertunities.

that is very true I am a living testament to that fact. If you dont know basics you are never gonna land any kind of combo.

Yea i have a pretty good idea about all of that and i use those combos. I play footsies with zangif.I do dodge projectiles with crane c. mk. I do oga cross up (not as much as I like). Not to sure about frame advantage. I think Mantis S. mp. does. I do 2 Mantis S. MP then Mantis c. hk or c.hp. I use crane c. hk anti air Mantis c.hp ,Gekiro and some times S. Mantis mp punch.I think I have a pretty good understanding about his normals.I have done those combos before i just need to improve my execution.

I would like to post some videos up of some of my matches but I dont know how to get them on youtube or anything like that. I am really serious about becoming a better player.

I agree and i have done those before. I would say that i am intermediate level with gen. I am not a completely a noob with him. I think I have the skill to become a better fighter. I practice every day for like a hour on my inputs and linking my normals and working on combos.I do need better understanding of a few things. Like the oga cross up and frame advantages and such. I thank all of you guys for posting and sharing your input on everything. Anybody on psn? maybe we could get some casual matches in.

Have you practiced walking? that is one of the things I am yet to master, the speed btw matis and crane are different and you have to get used to walking in both to control spacing. About Oga Crossups they are just Gennanigans lol here is the Oga crossup tutorial


as for frame advantage you can check out frame data on this site or at eventhubs. Although I practice with Gen I lose alot with him lol, but on the flip side playing Gen makes my Fei Long and Balrog better so its not a losing situation. Have fun with Gen and remember there is nothing scarier than a man that doesnt fear death.

Yea I notice that the walk speeds are different. My win rate is like 69% trying to get to 75% i will be happy with that. Also I found that this combo put Guy in proper spaceing over the MK oga cross up on block on the last hit i havent checked if it works on hit…Anyways here it is. Crane j. Hk 2x Mantis, s. mp ,c, hk. now the last hit throws the opponent off you might get him on that sweep. I havent tested it out on hit and as far as i know it only works on guy.But right after block do mk oga for a cross up on the wall behind guy then it should work.

What is exploding nut shack?

LOL oh its just this stupid joke my friend made about gen’s U1…Gen tickles his opponent’s balls and then they explode in 10 seconds.