My GGL interview

I talk about Empire Arcadia and myself a bit, but I do cover certain aspects of the state of the fighting game community, so it might be a interesting read for you guys if you want to know my point of view on things…

Holy shit how the hell did I get in there XD?

When I started getting into fighting games seriously, like back in 2000, you were the only freaking name I knew. When it took me like 3 hours to get to CF because I didn’t know where the hell Chinatown itself was, I was like man, I might get to play with freaking Arturo Sanchez.

I know you’ve been depressed about the state of the community lately, but stick it through man. I can’t thank you enough for coming to my first tournament, all the way out in safe, smoke free Jersey. I hope to keep playing you and learning from you man.

And let’s get a fucking TF tournament happening already!


That would have been a better interview with more raping. Not nearly enough.

Is Empire Arcadia really a registered C-type corporation? In which state? C-type corporations have meeting notes, a board of directors, etc. You guys have that?

Edit: To answer my own question, Empire Arcadia is registered in NY State. Now if only someone could figure out what Empire Arcadia actually does…

Why Not!!!

As long as I breathe there will be no expansion of the TF community. I will make a point of coming ALL THE WAY BACK TO NY just to tap the cartridge one time while you’re mid-match.


Nothing Good

They’re good at looking nerdy I guess…

Check out the T7 results thread in Tourney Results.

Hey, if you guys still dont know what we do, then you can watch us on MTV in the coming months and see how we roll, haha. They get it. Or you can ask the Canadians who were at T7 - ask them how successful the tourney was (due in part to our presence.) And that’s really only one aspect of the company.

So noone has any actual substantial questions to ask me abotu the article and half of you just want to say some negative stuff about Empire (which you’ve been saying for years and I really don’t care, cause it’s getting quite old?) That’s really sad, because I didn’t write the article to just promote the Empire really. Of course that’s a part of it, but I’d rather give our community some type of exposure of some sort. I wrote a lot about the FGC in there and it’s really what I’d rather talk about rather than defend the Empire, because you guys will never get it and it’s pointless trying to argue this with you guys.

btw, Chibi, damn, I didn’t know you thought of me like that lol, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

and fuck you Kaneda, just coming in here to spew some random TF hate. hahaha. When are you coming back to the states?

You know you love me. =p I may or may not be back for a bit during the holidays, maybe before that. All of August and half of September are fucked for me, so there’s no EVO or birthday visit with the fam this year, I gotta spend that time in Korea for this stupid communications exercise. -_-;

And you need to get off the Jack-5 bandwagon and get on the Kuma bandwagon. BEAR CAN FIGHT, HOW CAN THIS BE

Kuma has obviously been playing WoW and thinking why cant I do that.

Artuuurrroooo Sanchezzzz

Man enough with the Empire hate already, he spends one paragraph talking about it, and the rest is solely devoted to the FGC and his history in it.

And yeah Arturo, inspiration and admiration and all that.

TF FOR LIFE!!!111111

Wonderful interview. I am glad I atleast got to meet you here in NC when you owned up for free on MvC2 :slight_smile: Thanks man and good luck this year!!!

Arturo, you gotta get hungry again…GET HUNGRY, FOOL!!!

I wanna see you EATING NIGGAS’ SOULS at Evo…RAPE!!


Good stuff, very informative.

Keep pushing Arturo.

Q. What does Empire Arcadia do?

A. Video Gamer Culture and Community development.

Still don’t get it? Then let our action speak louder than these words.

I’m not trying to beat you guys up.

A C-type corporation has a board of directors, a business plan, etc. “We go to tournaments” is fine but that’s not a corporation mission statement, nor does that require incorporation. Going to tournaments is not a business. (Unless the business plan is to fund tounament entries and take a cut)

My question is what BUSINESS is the Empire in? How does it propose to make money? What are the corporate goals and what does the corporation do?

Again, I’m not attacking just curious. It’s not an attack to ask a corporation what it is they actually do. Corporations are businesses. What is your business? Where does revenue come from? These are very innocent questions.

Arturo Sanchez Interview

I did this interview with Arturo.