My GGL interview

Arturo Sanchez of Empire Arcadia…if you have to ask it probably wouldn’t interest you too much.

i like how all the fighting game interviews are so pro ec, i’m not talking just about the players interviewed, such as jinmaster,justin,dsp,art, who are from the ec, but the types of questions asked.

Such as the questions about the perception that wc is better than ec, and what ec players think about that perception.

That perception is long gone, cuz there’s hardly a rivalry anymore. people wanna act like something’s holding the ec down or wc players are bunch of tyrants. Sounds like a bunch of crybabies.

Dude, EvilKing. Have you even played Street Fighter before?


Is this the powerglove dude? And what does that have to do with me not playing sf?


I wouldn’t say pro-ec as much as it is pro-drama. Since ggl hasn’t had it’s first fighting game event yet it needs some reason to be throwing these people on the front page while the quake players go wtf.

WC/EC will be brought up in SF as much as black/white will be in the real world, forever and ever, always something to say about it. If your going to do a story on SF and market it to non-sf players, i don’t know how you can avoid wc/ec.

just curious, do you know who Justin Wong is?

… who are you?

that might help you.

Not until you realize your never getting a straight answer and wonder why =P.

(mostly hypothetically) if someone decides TFGM is pulling a Don King and splits and sues empire, TFGM doesn’t get his house repossessed for it. There are also some advantages over LLCs, and depending on how old this is, LLCs might not have even been available? I’m not an expert on this, just some theories.

If a company sees tournaments with 2000 entries and no media coverage, and empire’s MTV special gets 2 million viewers, who’s going to get the call? In todays world of reality tv, myspace, etc… do you really need a product, or just everyone’s attention?

Companies are throwing billions at people for no reason other than to get their own name out. And if you set it up right, you can then take that revenue and take whatever direction you want to go in, make their own games, fly everyone in the world to some Empire Tournament, who knows?

They are most likely keeping busy looking for a bigger jump-off, whatever industry it comes from, that’s what they’ll do. If a fashion designer wants to make gamer clothes, empire will do that… if someone wants a team to market a particular game, they’ll do that, there’s money to be made, and Empire most likely collecting the players and the community attention so that they can make a play for it as it’s just now starting to come into non-PC communities.

Alternatively, they could just be looking to collect the money and get into those areas themselves.

I found this article that provides a good starting point:

really good read. i can relate on the fire not being the same when it comes to the competitive level of play now. the only time i feel like i need to play at my best is when i’m getting my ass beat in any game even if it seems like there’s no chance for me to win. bleh.

This is all well and good but I’d rather hear explanations from people in the Empire than you FMJ. Certainly anyone employed by a corporation knows what that corporation does.

Empire is probably better off on SRK not explaining themselves, something tells me it’s not in the business plan to explain themselves on internet forums, in fact it’s probably contrary to it. If they saw a benefit they would have made it painfully obvious, TFGM has been here over 3 years, i don’t think it’s an oversight.

Unless you have something empire wants, a business plan is the last thing your gonna get lol. Mightaswell just have the conversation without them or just accept that it’s the best your going to get until empire does something big enough to make it obvious.

But i did want to make a comment on the article, I have no idea why you (Art) said namco is doing something right, without online, and without even trying for DR they basically said screw the US market, and any arcade support we have is just hand-me-downs of japan. Namco sucks, and they are going to be in fo a suprise if VF5 comes to the US and DOA gets it going by part 5 or 6.

I would like to know what this empire actually does. I’ve only really heard the flaming, and the responses from tfgm. But, “community helper” or “turney dominators”. I don’t care if you’re a c-corp, anyone could get that…i could get that…with my computer and homestead brronze membership, and 3 dogs.

What i would like to know, is kind of a. “what to expect if you join the empire” type of thing. where are the meetings? do i have to live in NY? What do i have to win? etc.

i would like a response that isn’t written by somebodys cat, who is cutting and pasting generalities, and open-ended statements.
I would like to add that i have though about making a run @ trying to join empire, but, i’ve never read or heard one thing from tri-force or art, that doesn’t suggest that tri-force is your daddy.
pro-gaming is the hotness, and leagues and clans are cool. But what makes you guys feel the need to be so, so… so…secretive?..i guess.

i don’t like secretive. It makes me nervous.

Good read! Arturo is the only person I know outside of myself and a few other people that will play anything, and I think we’ve had our share of playing the poorest of the poor! Good Shit! :rofl:

I’d answer this but

Pretty much sums it up.

When spending the funds for a massive event you need a reason to do it. If a fighting game event was held by a power player in professional gaming with that kind of backing and NO history given to the current pro gaming community it wouldn’t fly. The community backlash would be horrid.

You also need to prove there is a long history of players/emotions/culture to garner the sponsors. Especially since fighting games don’t exactly net the kind of sponsorship level oh say counter strike does. So giving part of that history, and picking the minds of players helps arm people to say their is a reason to put money into this. Rather then going to the table with “well we could hold a fighter event… but that money spent on quake4 would pay off better”.

As for pro “drama” player history, rivalry, and smack talk is just as important to gaming now as it is to sports. A player can draw just as much sponsorship as a game can now. So getting the players and their history out there and known to all the industry people is critical in moving this forward. Once a couple events have been covered, broadcast, and these things start to form in the public people tend to talk less about past issues… unless of course it gets huge in which case people still dredge up old issues from years ago.

I’d also point out that these interviews are NOT held in the “gamer life” section where the random PC/competitive gamer is put. They are currently put in the same area we’ve held the owner of CPL and other such key figures where the questions can get quite pointed. It also gives the players more space to talk, get to answer more questions. And the feedback from the quake/cs/wc3 players has been rather postitive.

As for “the empire” they aren’t that out of the ordinary in their secrecy. Ask any gaming clan/team (which I know you hate those terms triforce but I’m just generalizing to make a point) about their inner workings and you won’t get told shit. In some cases you don’t know till you sign a contract and an NDA. I doubt they are that hardcore but secrecy within gaming organizations is pretty par for the course.

Yeah, I don’t want to turn this into an Empire thread so I’ll back off.

I think what Arturo was referring to with Namco doing it right is the crossover between home and arcade, specifically the fact that you can put on a gay pirate hat at home and wear it at the arcade. If Namco is doing something right I’d hate to be doing something wrong because Tekken 5 gets very little buzz or interest these days.

Edit: Signing an NDA to join a gaming clan is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Anyway what are the GGL plans exactly for fighting games?

Well Tekken 5’s lack of buzz is Namco pushing Sony only when Sony doesn’t really support progaming on a global scale and microsoft does (and is also a key sponsor of some critical top leagues). Which is another issue and it’s best not open this pandoras box more then it has been on a public forum.

As for what we are doing? Well last year we ran a 100,000 dollar transatlantic PC gaming event. We also bought a league in china. The owner of GGL is pushing for gaming in the olympics when they are held in china. We have a 100,000 dollar event this October in NYC at the Javits center. There have been a bunch of smaller events outside of that.

We feel fighters should be represented along with current “professional” games, and get the same support. So idealy the plan is to implant them into our coverage, and then into our events.

The kind of events we run can be found at

remember WHY NOT!!!

You’ll see…just know that we are for the gamers in the ultimate end.

Cool shit man.

When I was talking about Tekken, I was referring to the fact that the arcade cabinets have controller ports for the console warriors out there. I think that was universally agreed to be a good idea. Of course, I’m not pleased with the fact that DR is PSP only, still, it’s by far the best handheld fighter out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kaneda: Did you watch my matches vs Canada in the 5 on 5? help a j5 brother out haha. Actually, a Kuma/Roger/Lei player won the tourney beating a second tier korean player, moksungin I believe his name is.

margalis: Sorry, but I can’t answer these questions that youre asking on a public forum.

Thanks to everyone who read th earticle and had somethign to say about it here and there :slight_smile: