My GGL interview!

My whole outtake on the scene and games in general is here. Those who know me know my view on certain things but here is for everyone else who’s interested. Thankyou all and here is my story!

onoos we’re losing you to smash!! >.<,

Damn, you’re going to play Smash too JeRon?

I’ll see you there!

On top of that, you were into Doom 1 / Ultimate / 2?

Wow, didn’t expect that.

I want some death matches!

You know if you’re holding a tournament for anything and I’m there I’m in man, I love the drive you have for like EVERY FIGHTING GAME EVER MADE, it’s quite admirable.



better about consoles than arcadia.

long live sf2.

Good stuff.

I’m just gonna say it.

Online games>arcade games

I enjoy not having to drop 50 cents into my Xbox every time I lose at KOF Neowave. Not to mention that arcades don’t actually exist. They’re just fables. Like Atlantis. Somebody might’ve seen em way back when…but not anymore.

Chinatown Fair, Family Fun Amusement, Nickel City, Eight on the Break, Orbitz Center (although Canada its still EC)
not dead :slight_smile:

Chibi: I’ll throwdown in some Doom with you. Me and my boy use to stay in deathmatch. I still have my copy of Final Doom, game is hard as fuck and the puzzles are harder but I love that shit :slight_smile:
Too bad link cables are too hard to come by these days.

That’s what? 5 Arcades for the entire country?

They’re mirages!

you play classic doom?.. shit you should play some skulltag or zdaemon heh

More Doom players? Damn I’ll throw down with some dwango5.wad and judas23_.wad

hell yeah dude… we should get some srk members to play… my name on skulltag is 50YEN <GEC> and on zdaemon its busujima… hit me up sometime and we’ll play

Damn right. :tup:

great read

Good shit Jeron, while i dont agree with everything you said, still good read.

wassup with some classic doom :slight_smile: