My giftcard = your discount


I have a gift card ($200 bucks worth) to my local game store. Tell me what you want. I buy it for you at a discounted price.<br>
I would prefer to use up the value of this card in one go. Highest bidder wins.<br><br><div>Also willing to trade for arcade stick cases. Show me what you got!</div>




What type of discount we talking about if item cost $60 for example what will we get it for?


Is it not just your typical brick and mortar store like Gamestop that you can’t simply trade/sell the card itself???




it’s an independent game store in a very small town. but they do have a huge collection of games (new/old/retro) and whatever else you’d find in your typical gamestop.


tell me what’d you want first, i’ll go see if they have it in stock. and then we can work out a deal from there. like i said in the OP, i’d prefer not to buy one thing here and one thing there for different posters and have to ship to different locations. I’d prefer to use the whole value of the card or as much as I possibly can and send to one user.


Really not looking for anything specific retro-wise just majoras mask I had it but lost it somehow, current gen wise cheap vita or 3ds games


new item added to list. Check 1st post!






I’m not looking for anything that expensive but how much for TTT2 ps3 shipped to 40206. if that’s too small of a purchase, I understand. Np


How about PC games?? Do they sell them?


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/3310/Dan%27s%20Student">Dan’s Student</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>How about PC games?? Do they sell them?</div>

no. they do not. sorry bro.