My goodbyes and Farewells


Hey all, I have officially quit image editing and manipulation. Just thought Id say some thank yous and I wont be bothering you anymore.

First, Id like to say thanks and farewell to JDR… Hes not on this forum but hes the one that got me into image editing in the first place.

Second to Burningfist, He gave me a place to host my avatars and such for free and some. I owe you a lot dude.

Thirdly to Shin Kairi, without you Id have been lost and confused after I gave up the first time.

And lastly thanks and farewell to everyone on the SRK Forums, I wont be returning to the image forum again.

Bye all…


:0… like everyone else whos left at a time. youll be back. eventually. latar man:)


=( good bye dude, come back every now and then to say hi to peeps…



why the fuck did you quit

no time no interest…?


later man


its just a phase.


omg bye2u



Oh man… that’s ok. Let you go…

Farewell… (you remains very good tagger)… never forgetting you. :cry: cya!!!


Aww c’mon big dog! You can’t quit on me! What kind of shiet it that? :frowning: I can’t lose another O.G Tagger. What now all i have is BV, ShinK!! …curses…:frowning: :mad: :bluu:


Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day…


politely raises hand

@TG: so right. ppl always leave and then come back a few weeks later saying they were bored and decided to makes something. i know ive done that a couple times.:stuck_out_tongue:


D D D D DAMN thats goi9ng in my sig…

and Good Game Peace Out, but you will be back


you’ll be back…they always come back:confused: :confused: