My Goodness..Congratulations on your character!

In all the years that I have been playing street fighter, I have never fought a character so ambiguous. Only Top level Cammy SFIV2012 came this close. Gosh…I need a little help. I main Rashid. Still in the dark. I feel like I understand what I can punish, but it’s so easy for Mika to just send me to the corner. Any help would be greatly appreciated in terms of what my game plan should be to stand a fighting chance. And thanks in advance.

Fighting Mika is all about knocking her down before she knocks you down, then keeping pressure on her until she’s dead. Her biggest weakness other than her stubby normals is her lack of a reversal, sans CA. Exploit that. Your default game plan should be to rush her down, not zone her out. One whiff-punished poke, one bad fireball, or one missed anti-air and you could be done, so be aggressive.

The second most important thing to keep in mind when fighting Mika is that you can’t be afraid to reversal. Some players will make the mistake of either not waking up with reversals at all for fear of eating a ~300 damage Crush Counter or waking up with reversals only when they’re desperate (they get knocked down and are one mixup away from death). Don’t make those mistakes. My suggestion is to reversal early on in the match to establish that you’re willing to do it. Give the Mika player something to think about when he tries to pressure you.

Thanks for the insight @Heavy_Mental …Needed to hear that

man fuck Mikas.