My Green Goblin has had its PCB Ripped!

Can someone help me out, please?

I recently purchased a Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick, aka: Green Goblin, boxed & in pristine condition with just one problem.
The nice person who sold it to me on ebay took out the PCB.
Everything looks perfect, its very clean, unmarked & theres no damage. Just an empty space where the PCB should be.

So, Im searching for a PCB to fix this stick with. Preferably a stock PCB which I know is asking alot but my original intent was to have a mint Green Goblin stick.

Any parts, links, suggestions, words of encouragement, sniggers, or “I told you so!” are welcome.

Put a PS1 PCB in there. Then you can just use an adapter and use it on your Dreamcast plus you get Playstation utility out of it.

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Thats a good idea! :tup: But, as I said, Im really looking to have a mint, stock, DC Green Goblin complete with working VMU if at all possible.

I have an HRAP2 with adapter now that works great.

I just want to retain this stick in original condition…

Wow, thats fucked up.

Did it say so in the auction?

Nope, in fact the seller claims to have played it to ensure that it works before putting it up for auction.

Im sure they will now say that I ripped it out myself & I am now trying to screw them.

My credit card co says to just send it back & they will dispute the charge.

yeah if the dude never mentioned that the pcb was removed you should demand your moneyback/contest the charge on paypal.

:rofl: wow sorry dude

that just gives me another reason not to buy any joysticks from ebay

Have you at least tried contacting the guy about it?

Sorry to hear you got had.You should dispute the charges & the seller should get some negative feedback comments. But if it comes down to it just throw a H series ps1 pad in there and buy an adapter for your dc/ pc to usb.

Another reason why I hate eBay.

I got scammed out of 50 dollars one time =(. Seller closed their account and took out all their paypal funds after stalling long enough to get their money out before I filed a dispute on Paypal… which I did… Paypal found the dude guilty but couldn’t get me my money back.

I just got an answer from the Seller of the bogus stick. See for yourself.

*****, these were my sons joysticks he use to work at SEGA for over 8 years. He was on the dreamcast team and had lots of SEGA stuff. They were brand new in the box, he tested them out before we moved to ensure they worked and he packed them up. I recently unpacked and he said to go ahead and sell them. So that is what I did. Now its true that I did not test them before I sold them, but he claims they were tested and working. Now you are telling me there is nothing on the inside so it doesn’t work. I am an honest person and would not try to jip anyone out of what is rightfully theirs so if your telling me it is missing vital parts then I will give you the benefit of the doubt. If however you bought my item and it was fine and you replaced it with one of yours that was broken then you will have to live with yourself and conscious. Do not think that your harsh words or threating tone in anyway swayed my decision. I will issue you a refund and that will be all. Thank you

Kinda makes me feel like an ass. Not much but kinda. I wasnt harsh, just determined!
I think her son, if there is a son, didnt know shit & told her something to blow her off.

So, Im wondering if I can just buy the case as is with the buttons & stick. It is in mint condition after all. What do you think a mint case with hardware minus the PCB would sell for?

She would probably think Im scamming her. Oh wait, she already does.

Haha I would like to see what you wrote to her…

$30 shipped probably $35 since it is in mint condition. I think ive seen the pcb sell for about $20-$25.

Here ya go. Mean ol’ me…

I have, with your permission, opened the bottom panel of the Joystick.
I am giving you the benefit of doubt, but either you did not test this Joystick as you claimed or you are perpetrating mail fraud which is a crime.
I am not as yet accusing you of mail fraud. I am, however, going to assume that you did not test this Joystick. You simply could not have!
The PCB & the VMU are completely missing from the inside of this Joystick. Without the PCB the Joystick would never have functioned at all. It is simply impossible. This is like a car with no motor & it can not run without one.
I have filed a complaint with Paypal & Discover Card which is how I paid for this Joystick.
If you will check your Paypal account & email you will find I have left you the option of replying before further action is taken.
The only resolution I will accept is the complete refund of my payment including shipping plus shipping cost to return the Joystick to you.
Please respond ASAP.

yeah just get your money back. she needs to learn her son is a dirty liar.

I was thinking of offering her $30-$35 & she can refund the rest to my Paypal account & Ill eat the $12 I spent for shipping the stick originally.

Ive searched all over hell looking for a DC PCB & finally found a used one in Finland! The cost wouldnt be bad & all Id have to do is screw the thing in, plug it up & it would be all stock parts.

However, after looking at some of the mods here, Im thinking if she will sell the case I may just mod it with some new parts etc. Have to wait & see…

So $30 to $40 sounds fair for a Mint DC case?

most PRO cases cost over 60…

so yes.

$30 is a good deal for you, $35 is about even for both, $40 is a bit too much since you can probably get one used but in good shape for about 50-55 shipped.
If the parts are still new just buy the pcb since those parts are pretty good. I modded my agetec but my parts were already worn out.

i got the guts of a agetec that i dont use.