My Green Goblin has had its PCB Ripped!

beyond6: Just my two cents. I don’t see how your email to her was especially harsh. In fact, you come off as level-headed given the circumstances.

word. that silly woman just wants to make you feel bad.

Instead of getting your money back, trade or sell it here in the forum.

Dude that email was perfectly fine. You have every right to be upset but you maintained a calm and direct manner. Stating the consequences is not rude in fact its polite to let them know that you don’t take crap. Seeing as you want a stock stick, negotiate to an agreed price for just the case; have the excess refunded and be done with it. That way both parties can atlest be reasonably happy. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I say instead of sending back the stick, keep it but get a partial refund. Then put in a psx pcb or something.

that’s what I would do.

Actually how much did you pay for it?

I’m also supportive of a partial refund with you keeping the case… except it may sound even more “scammy”. Send it back to her and she can see for herself.

But really, keep the case, sell it in trade outlet! I surely have use for one

True dat.

I know you bought the stick thinking there wasnt anything wrong with it, but think about it like this:

You got the casing for a rare stick that you can mod into somthing else, or sometig better. And it was only $30-something dollars.

Yeah, but you don’t even know for sure who she is. Bleeding-heart scammers are all over EBay. It wouldn’t surprise me if this item gets relisted if you return it.

I have a DC pad I’ll sell you dirt cheap, you can rip out the pcb and use it i suppose, no idea how good DC pad pcbs are.

So this morning I check my email & sure enough, the Seller has refunded my full payment including shipping. :looney:

She did not however send money for the return shipping nor has she mentioned returning the stick to her. In her email she says only:
“I will issue you a refund and that will be all. Thank you” :arazz:

Do you think she just wants me to keep the stick & stick the stick where the ol’ sun dont shine? That would be sweet! :wgrin:

I think Ill just wait a few days for the email demanding to know where her stick is before I get too comfortable with it. And Ive no plans to ask her. Just wait & see… :smokin:

Typically in this sort of situation you are supposed to pay shipping yourself to send the item back.

However in this case you have a ‘significantly not as described’ product. I don’t know how shipping works on those with ebay but I know it changes some things.

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best avatar on the site, rofl :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling this is the seller:

I love the “BID AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!” I’ll probably get this if it doesn’t go any higher.

Nope, this wasnt her…

I still havent heard from the Seller about the return of her stick & Ive been swamped & I do mean swamped, at work & havent had the time to write her asking if she wants the thing back or what.

Gotta do that this weekend…

Chances are she doesn’t give a damn. After all, she’s an older women who probably doesn’t even know what a Dreamcast looks like and probably thinks your pcb-less stick is a total loss.

Sell it to me. I’ve been looking for a home for this…

I will buy the case for a good price. :tup:

I would also buy your PCB, notanoob81…

Haha, yeah right. :rofl:

If she hasn’t expressly asked for the stick to be returned, I’d keep it. You got a great stick shell for free!

Rejoice :woot:

I think youve just found a good home for that PCB. That is if youll sell it to me for a reasonable price…:woot:

Im working on a project & its been suggested I get a few PS Comtrollers &/or Sticks ( any brand ) to practice/learn my soldering & wiring & such for a future Joystick Id like to build.

Ill probably end up destroying any controller I get as I solder it into oblivion, so I want to keep the cost down to next to nothing.

Ive checked ebay & Amazon & while there is used stuff & some cheap, at 1st glance the shipping is totally a rip!

So if anyone has any used but working bits they’d like to sell me or possibly even contribute for the betterment of mankind please let me know…:wgrin: