My Guide to Hugo

Hello there,

In my opinion Hugo is a very competitive character, and very versatile. However I think that a lot of people are not using Hugo to his fullest potential. The major reason for this is that many people insist on choosing gigas for his super. I think that this is not a good choice because not only is it impossible to land on certain players - it does not add anything new to him - its just a powered up 360 which he already has.

I have had a lot of dominance in the arcades I played in by using Hammer Frenzy almost exclusively. This gives Hugo very needed combo and stun potential and sets up lots of sneaky tricks. Some combos with this (not exclusive):


cross over splash (down fierce) low short super (if they block the splash high - its still worth trying the low short combo as no-one expects Hugo to have a link like this)

low short super - good when opponent is waking up as they expect a throw from hugo - must be close - good for mixup - now hugo can do an overheard - 360 - regular throw - or this

clap super - preferably F clap then J clap then super if you have time (missed or parried dragon punch) - notice this combo does 80% stun or so - if you connect a standing fierce elbow when they are waking up - your opponent is dizzied.

jump in roundhouse / fierce - super - crude but effective - if you can parry a ground attack anti air - you still have time to counter with your roundhouse after the parry and combo into hammer frenzy - this makes opponents afraid to anti air you allowing you to empty jumpin with a 360.

Hammer frenzy can reset and juggle for a few hits after a neutral throw followed by a jab or strong(with some characters) in the corner - no damage really but all the hits cause full stun damage

universal overhead can combo into hammer, but you have to be just far enough away so the overhead just barely nicks them - good against a crounching turtler

Hammer Frenzy makes a decent anti-air and pushes opponent in the corner which you want. No point in saving meter with this super as the bar charges really fast.

One strange semi-combo I like to do is the following - ultra throw (hit with a jumping roundhouse or other attack as they bounce back and activate hammer on the ground. You land before them so the hammer resets for a few hits and damage and you force them back in the corner, you may have to delay the Hammer for a bit as you run to where the falling corpse is then activate

One trick that is very effective is the following - a lot of times I will dash in with a 360 - usually with a jab to increase range - sometimes I will grab them other times they will throw out an attack and stop it - but sometimes with hammer frenzy I will dash in and activate the super as they start throwing out an attack - Hammer frenzy has almost the best invincibiliy start up in the game - so they will eat a super because they expected a 360 from me - I have caught lots of good players with this. Roughly half the time when I dash in close I will try the 360 - when they get used to it I start activating the hammer frenzy instead.

Also always try to make use of the delay feature of hammer frenzy - if you know you messed up and you know you will miss with it - just delay it by holding the punch button - usually the opponent will just throw you at the end or during the delay instead of supering you - other times you can delay for a split second and then activate and hope to catch them in an attack or throw animation - also delay if for some reason the opponent jumped over you so you run to the other side in relative safety. - also do not forget the delay and 360 at the end if your opponent forgets about this - sometimes you have to delay the hammer for a split second just to connect - if your opponent was forced back too far (double clap combo sometimes pushes them back a little to far if they were far away to begin with)

Doing a blocked ex clap followed by hammer frenzy does a lot of chip damage - and they must block or parry this.

Hugos claps have different recovery times when parried. If a jab clap is parried he cannot recover for most attacks - but if a fierce clap is parried for some reason Hugo has almost no recovery time - if your opponent has parried a fierce clap you may want to followup with Hammer frenzy as he is still flashing blue as he will probably be sticking out a normal attack - almost no one knows this who does not play hugo

Thats all I can think about with hammer frenzy

Other useful combos

clap + nearly any normal attack you can think of (slower normals require heavy claps) F clap and standing F can combo for riduclous damage and huge stun

clap + ex clothesline also F clap J clap ex clothesline (looks very flashy)

(other clap and normal short kick clothesline work but are not always reliable)

ex clap + shoot down back breaker
ex clap + ex or regular clothesline (flashy if you have ex to spare)

ultra throw + shoot down

Ultra throw + clap + shootdown in corner (have to fiddle with this, very character specific which combination to use) buts lots of damage and stun with this one.

ultra throw + dash and towards + fierce (the big swing does lots of stun)

ultra throw + ex clap (hits twice or so) + towards + fierce or shoot down - this is in the corner and looks flashy - if the ex clap hits three times I think you cannot followup with these options

Ultra throw + clothelines

jab chains

a close crouching single jab can combo into hammer - but its very hard to do

fierce + roundhouse jumpin + jab chains


Use your 360 short kick grab move a lot - be able to do it on command - its Hugo’s rushdown and answer to the dash in throw that every one else has - every time you have someone in block stun its work a try (after a blocked clap or normal) - be unpredictable with it

Learn to parry well with hugo - in my opinion Hugo is ridiculously better if you can parry especially anti - air - follow all close ground parries with 360 or Hammer unless you expect a link to super

Parry opponent jumpins - 360 when opponent lands (basic and effective) - if they start jumping back out early - be ready with your short shoot down.

****Parry opponent jumpins - low short hammer as they land is pretty effective as well ***


Use clothesline and roundhouse shoot down back breaker to cover distance quickly (always do in a way that you cannot be punished) prime example: when opponent in grounded and you want to be right next to him when he wakes up use a roundhouse clothesline or shootdown to greet him with a mix up when he gets up - sometimes I will do a clotheline just out of range for bait and activate Hammer frenzy as they throw out an attack - I have also used the roundhouse shootdown to leap over fireballs and fire ball supers and land right next to or behind the opponent where you have a second to 360 or super them you have to be in the air just as they are recovering from throwing the fireball. On some occasions when I had gigas they especially suffered.

If anyone wants some specific match up advice feel free to ask me.

good stuff… :rock: :tup:

Yeah, great stuff. You should post your FAQ on

very good.

Great stuff, only one thing. You never mentioned C.Jab, C.Jab xx Hammer Mountain…
Is varifacation

Another use of hammer frenzy is to parry an opp’s air to air attack, jab reset, then hammer frenzy (you should land earlier)…

That only hits like 2/3 times. Is it even worth it?

well how often do you get to confirm sa3 anyway? it’s not just the 2-3 hits alone… you also have to consider that you stun them a bit + push them to the corner (or help you get off the corner) + no quick roll means wake up game for hugo.

You have a point. Besides C.Jab - C.Jab xx Hammer Mountain, thats all.

Thanks for your appreciation, I think there are too few guides on Hugo other than gigas.

Yeah I did not mention the double jab combo into hammer frenzy as I rarely get that link to work unless I am doing the cross over splash first, and even then the low short combo is easier for me to do. It seems to push them back a bit so far.

I definitely think that doing an anti air hammer is worth it - it will always stuff a jumping attack - it will always push them into the corner - Hugo generally has meter to spare since he does not rely on ex and hammer frenzy bar charges quickly - the damage is not great but it can still kill a low life opponent and raise his stun bar.

With a good mix up game and Hammer frenzy - Hugo can have a decent stun potential. Many times I have caught someone in the double clap combo and gotten them stunned only to do it to them again!

I can’t emphasize how useful the simple dash in 360 vs dash in hammer has been for me - especially as a wakeup game.

how often do you guys miss your jab, jab/short sa3 combos? you have to be in throwing range for those to work right?

vs. Akuma and the big three??? Tips?

I miss it more than I’d like, especially against shorter characters. I usually don’t activate the special unless the hitting started right beside the guy, like as close as you can get.

I got a question?

I was playing on-line against a Hugo player, and somehow he cancelled a cr. HP (whiffed) to Hammer Mountain.


Big Three, Etc


The Akumas at my arcade have never given me any problems, however this is because I can parry very well. Hugo can quickly be on top if Akuma makes one mistake. Akuma will always give Hugo trouble unless you can parry his anti-hair hurricane kick, if you can parry all the hits of this you are often in a position where you can do the crossover splash low short kick hammer frenzy combo while he is recovering on the ground. Even if you miss a hit, at least you are saving yourself from some damage. Additionally Akuma as well as Ryu will often use standing roundhouse as anti-air learn to parry this predictable move and then counter with your air to ground roundhouse hammer frenzy combo. Being able to parry dragon punches is good to have as well. Learn the times when you can punish a blocked ground hurricane kick with a 360. Dont jump at all unless you are prepared to parry all the air hurricane kick hits you have to always assume he will do this in my experience - if Akuma likes to dive kick - parry and 360 him.

Chun Li:

In my opinion there are two chuns a ground turtler chun and a more aggressive less-grounded kind. Both are pretty hard. I usually stay on the ground and wait for mistakes, and occasionally poke with standing strong. Ive learned its best to be patient with this matchup, its very hard for Hugo to crack a turtling chun so I just try to keep my life a little ahead and wait for chun to get more aggressive and make mistakes. If she misses her kick super be sure to parry the last hit and counter with Fclap jab clap hammer frenzy and then work to get a couple more hits / throws / 360 etc to dizzy her. Occasionally I will try a dash 360 or short kick 360 if she is not attacking. Chuns will often anti- air with standing fierce (sometimes back fierce too) so learn to parry this and counter with your air to ground roundhouse hammer frenzy combo you also have just enough time to do this against parrying her crouching roundhouse. Also Chun will do her annoying jumping double fierce move to attack you air to air learn to parry both hits of this and counter with anything to rack up some damage. One interesting thing with chun is that most chuns will do ex bird kick as their wakeup move so upon chun waking up, dash in and activate hammer frenzy and you will often catch her. Once she wises up dash in and 360 keep it random this trick has helped me at high levels of play with every character. Also be ready with early attacks if she likes to jump after you and air throw you splash or middle attacks work pretty well here.


Pretty bad, but you have one big advantage in your favor. Hammy frenzy out priorities gene-jin. So if he activates it and its not in a combo watch closely and counter his opening lunging punch move or other somewhat telegraphed assault with hammer frenzy. Even if Yun blocks the attacks his meter will still be running out and he cannot attack you. Watch for dive kicks - parry them and then 360 him - sometimes he can jump out early so also be ready with a short shoot down. Otherwise be ready with your shoot-down and watch for mistakes.


Ken is so versatile its very hard to generalize anything about him. I have owned good kens and been owned in return you really just have to know the playing style of the person you are playing to have consistency here. Some things that have helped me a lot in addition to the general tricks being able to parry ex hurricane kick which usually can be punished with the cross over splash combo being able to parry all three hits of the fierce dragon punch which gives Hugo enough time for a F clap J clap hammer frenzy combo. Kens that stay on the ground and turtle are the worst for me as Hugo is basically a defensive character if you block a shotokan roundhouse sweep and you are not to far away you can counter with a free hammer frenzy. Some shotokans will counter jumpins with a sweep kick or forward kick try to parry as soon as you land but if you parry the middle kick be ready to block the shippu super and then counter. Try to bait dragon punches especially when Ken is waking up. If ken likes to dash forward and throw try to do a short clothesline now and again to catch him in the act.

More general tricks jumping in with an early splash which whiffs and then 360 opponent when you land. Getting opponent to block a fierce splash jump in - waiting a split second and then 360 when he is out of block stun. When opponent is waking up walk backwards as though you are backing off and then do short kick 360 grab move.

Lots of people like to parry hugos claps when they wake up. When opponent is waking up sometimes I barely whiff a clap move and then quickly do a short kick hammer frenzy combo (here they are usually ready to parry and are pressing forward) also the starting animation for claps and ultra throw are very similar so sometimes I will whiff a series of claps as the opponent is waking up and then connect with an ultra throw as he is expecting to block or parry another clap.

One stupid trick I also like to do is to taunt right over someone when they are getting up and quickly activate hanmer frenzy as they stand. Usuallly you can catch someone at least once - it seems like you can cancel some of the time of the taunt.

I am not sure if Hugo can really cancel his crouching fierce punch - he can cancel his standing and crouching short into hammer frenzy though - it does seem like he can reduce the recovery time a bit as I have purposedly whiffed this move and then done a gigas as they tried to attack.

not sure if anyone knows this but you can ex clap -> megaton press (fk)…does decent amount of damge

I don’t know if you mentioned it but if you are using hammer (and has some ex stocks to spend) you can do fierce clap -> jab clap -> ex lariat (don’t know how you called it) …
Does nice damage and stun . :slight_smile:

wow i just read through sobek1277’s tips and they’re really good… seems like a very experienced hugo player to me… good job
what do you think about the matchup vs urien? they usually like to stay back and charge… occasionally do j rh to zone along with dash in throws… i think it’s probably hugo’s worst matchup

Good job Sobek. I wonder if you have the same Hugo playing experiences as me, because you listed about every single trick I use, even stuff I didn’t know other people knew about (EX Clap, EX Lariat).

One trick I use to catch people with Claps is to use a cancelable attack like dLK or dLP. Most people try to do something after they block it and end up eating a combo. And God help them if they were crouching and take a HP Clap, since that could end the match if they have a bit of stun on them already.

vs urien… use and if he throws a sphere upwards u can walk up and his foot that goes forward… once u corner urien rush down with splashes to stop his headbutt attempts… and clap trap him while he is in the corner… avoid getting cornered by urien though lol