My Guitar Broke

My guitar gently weeps.

desim: GH:3

Looks like somebody should have told you how to gently unfold you. :frowning:

What is wrong with it?

He went all crazy playing rock and rool and smashed it into his imaginary stage! Remember now you don’t get indorsed by Gutar Hero, LOL, so those aren’t free to break ya know. :slight_smile: Have you tried super glue? Hope you get you a new one soon.

The green button broke.

My downstroke broke last night :frowning:

I need a guitar.

I need to get this game, tell me, how great is this game?
And how much does it hurst to brake a guitar?

Great game.

" How much does it hurst to brake a guitar?"

I am thinking about killing myself.

HOw is your green button broken? Did you open the guitar neck?

Your downstrum does not register?

I could probably fix them, Do you guys live near SD, CA?

You’re Thinking about kill yourself??!?!?!

I need this game…

No, i live in LA. I didn’t open my guitar.