My guy video

part 1 of my guy video. its not like xenozip or nothin.
just wanted to make my own . =D
but i hope yall enjoy and comment. part 2 coming soon. kk enjoy!

That’s pretty good…btw, I think you can combo a far MK after a counterhit slide, and I don’t think it’s particularly good to keep trying Bushin flips after a slide.

tnks i apreciate it.yeah i didnt add a few things but ill put it in the 2nd part. and yes u shouldent flip all the time. =D

I don’t know if you meant something else, but A/X-guy’s lk changes to b+lk in V-ism so you can still do b+lk, lp,mp,hp,hk. Also in the rushdown part although you didn’t show it as a link you can actually link cr.lp, FF chain. good stuff tho

Is that link to the FF chains, only if crouch LP counterhits? That is…CH d+LP, MP, HP, etc.

tnks guys
and yes about the v guy lk. im goin over all that stuff in part 2.
and u can chain the c.lp to chain. i just left it as is though. the lag while recording makes its shity. tnks for the support though guys =D. ill have part 2 soon. so ill hopfully cover all ur concerns on it.

it works without the CH

I like the music and presentation and all but it would be nice if you had like ingame footage or show the counter hits and show what the rush down can do.

and some of those bigger combos you can flip out of =/.
and as mentioned before the V ism thing.

oh and may I ask what you are using to record your footage?

a good one would be snatch it. simple to use and good quality videos.

Being a guy player myself I can help you out to a certain extent so keep posting on this thread.

lets try to make it different than the xenozip version.
lets see some in game matches =)

yeah i agree, but i had troubl finding anyone to help with it. so i had to rely on me myself and i for most of it. hopfully for part 2 u an help out. that would be verry muh apreiated. =D. i was using hyperam 2 haked version. it works ok but ause a onsiderable a,ount of random lag/delay. so alot of stuff was alot harder to pull of.
hopfully we an keep posting and figure the best way to put it together for #2.

use snatch it.

I downloaded the 30 day trial one way back and it records really well and doesnt lag your game when recording.

I just searched it on google and found it.

yeah sure il help you.

just keep posting on this and il give you some ideas and things.


It’s OK, I know first hand what you’re capable of. :slight_smile:

sorry about that, i took it off and revised a few thimg. i edited the post and put in the new link so i hope you all enjoy. part 2 verry soon.