My Hands Really Suck

Recently I’ve been coming across a problem that I never encountered in my past couple of months of playing SSFIV with a stick. At random times whenever I try to follow up something like an anti-air shoryuken, or try to throw out a medium projectile, I end up focus attacking or even worse, taunting.

I never had this problem before, and I’m aware that my base digit of my finger is slapping the kick buttons. So I’m trying to figure out: what’s a comfortable way where I can place my hand on the buttons portion of the stick so that I don’t hit the kick buttons while I’m trying to get a punch? My usual method is to place my wrist on the slanted part of the stick and just use my fingers from there.

There’s no “way” to hold your hands. Just find what’s comfortable for you (I realize what you’re doing now is comfortable, find a different position).

Rest your paws clawed downwards with your index, middle, and ring fingers hovering above (not touching) the 3 punch buttons. Thumb hovers above low kick.

Don’t rest your wrist on the panel. Don’t touch the buttons unless you are pressing them. Stay hovered at all times. Just like piano.

You can rest your hand on the panel but don’t PLANT your hand on the panel. Be ready to move it at a whim.

Then you must be an octopus! haha

I will hold his hands! :smile:

maybe you should cut them off?

I claw my fingers as if I were typing. I also lift my fingers up about an inch above the buttons instead of resting them lightly on the buttons. This is what gives you that “slap” sound you hear a lot when people are using sticks.

Also read the stickies and check the eventhubs tutorial/tip