My HardDrive is weird!

recently my HardDrive wouldn’t let me go in to my E: diskdrive unless i Format

so after i did that my HardDrive’s memory went from Max of 61G went down to like 30G or less

WTF?? what happened? is there something i can do?!


lots of bad sectors I’d imagine.

Can you run a SMART disk check on it?

Hard drives don’t last forever. I’ve lost a couple of 60GB drives in the past four or five years due to drive failure. It’s unfortunate, and also a reason to keep your important data backed up.

SMART doesn’t work~!

i lost like 9GB cuz most of my data was in E disk drive…

and i had to format otherwise it wouldn’t let me go in

i lost all my videos,pictures,notes,music…

so do you think it’s cuz my hard drive is too old???

cuz i think you might be right… this hard drive is an old one and when i hooked it up it had a lotta problems like not able to go into windows or like it says:

Primary IMD No 80 conductor installed

man you guys are still new to all this, the only way to extract your info is 2 options:
A) if your shit is THAT important, then you just screwed yourself and have to pny up on some cash for a data recovery specialist. and this is NOT what We do (ie, best buy, circuit city, frys, indy store, etc) or B) find yourself a program that can extract the RAW information from the hdd platters themselves. Again, if your stuff is that important, I wouldn’t worry about. Your responsible for your screw up for not backing up your crap. No pun intended bro but I’m being honest here and I have FAR too many people experience this nonsense. Here’s a good example of something that happened recently before my store (chumpUSA) shut down.: cust. got married> saved marriage pics on comp> comp went to shit BUT not hdd> under manufacturer warranty> sent to manufacturer to be repaire however prior to being sent out, we asked if he would liek his data backed up>signed disclaimer and said for us to piss off> we said ok> came back from manufacturer pink n pretty> cust. requests we turn on unit > GUESS what dumbshit, you just OWNED yourself because your HDD got reformatted. GAME OVER> guy literally went into frenzy on verge of crying and wanted to speak to manager but heck, there’s nothing he can do, tis manufacturers fault but this is NOT uncommon for them to do as it’s their job. us felt a bit bad but cust. learned a VERY important lesson that day and so will you since you didn’t BACK up your shit.

One drive of mine lasted only three months. Another lasted four or five years. ::shrug:: HDD’s are cheap these days, so from now on you could do with maybe having an external disk as a backup option for your multimedia. Or a 1GB memory stick for important documents.

I get that when my system posts. It means that your IDE cable is an older 40-wire variant that has somewhat slower access speeds. I’m not sure of the exact difference, but my system seems to run just fine.

I’m not really sure what you’re saying, but I’m assuming you have 1 hard disk?

If so you most likely had multiple partitions on the drive. I’m guessing you went into my computer right clicked and formatted your E: partition?

That would explain why your drive jumped from about 60 gigs to 30. You can find several trial versions of programs that’ll recover data, just Google one up. Typically it’s recommended that you get another drive to act as your primary then slave the one you’re trying to recover data from, but IIRC I’ve done it all off of one drive before.

It’s not guaranteed to work, but if your data was really that important it’s worth a try, make sure you back up what’s left because it’s possible to dick up and have to wipe everything and reinstall your OS.

right now my comp is okay

it still says IDE cable but i still go into windows~ no problem now

but the main problem is still that my hard drive is like half of my original…

61G to 30G…thats pisses me off so much!