My head hurts, please help me solder this thing

Okay, this is my first ever woodworking and soldering project. I’ve done a pretty good job on the box just reading through various guides and winging it alittle. But, I am so freaking confused when it comes to soldering the controller to the joystick and buttons.

FYI, I have the early wired microsoft 360 controller.

  1. Stupid question: Do you solder the up on the controller to the up on the joystick? or do you flip the directions since when you press up on a joystick it hits the down switch. (I hope this makes sense)

  2. I will not be removing the triggers so I only need to solder RT1 and RT2-LT1/LT2(From what I have read) But how do I know which would be the ground?

  3. Is there anyway to test for shorts or/and to test if the solder is connected properly?

  4. If this goes wrong what is the easiest 360 controller to padhack, including RT and LT?

I think that’s about it, but if you have any other information or good threads/websites about this step please let me know.
Thanks for the help.

  1. Obviously when you press up on the joystick, whichever microswitch activates you solder to. So if you press it up the down switch activates. Down, up activates etc. If you ever get confused, just press the stick in the direction you want, and flip it over. You’ll see which microswitch the stick is in contact with.

  2. You can do what I did for testing to see if your wires are connected properly. When I had all of my wires soldered to the PCB, I plugged it into the xbox, and touched each wire to its ground wire (for mine I had a common ground so it was easier). If the command activated then my soldering was fine. I used the training mode in SF IV to test all of them, but even navigating the xbox dashboard works. You could also plug it into your PC, install the drivers and test this way.

  3. A lot of people like the Mad Catz Arcade Stick to hack. Easy solder points I guess and its quite large. I also see people using the normal Mad Catz xbox 360 wired controllers because there slightly cheaper than the official xbox ones. I just wired up the late version xbox 360 wired though and had no problems.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for all the help, that clears things up quite a bit.

P.S. still wanna know the answer to number 2 if anyone knows.

i wish i could solder everything for someone cuz i’m pretty damn amazing at it (can lift TSOPs, reprogram, solder back on - though that’s a little excessive for sticks) and have them build me a case that looks nice.

upload a pic

Just plug it in and use your common wire to test the two contact points for LB/RB. If you connect ground to ground (and it’s a common ground board), it shouldn’t cause any problems. You’ll know you have the correct contact when the bumper triggers. Just remember if the contacts are on the underside of the board: Left is RB and Right is LB. I was in a hurry and switched those around. (Still gotta get in there and fix that…:sweat:)

On a side note, I’m looking for the graphics for my top panel. I’m trying to find a SF4 AKUMA picture that is higher DPI, anyone know a good website for looking for pics like that?

P.S. The picture I was gonna use looks like this.

A great resource for art is Although not SF IV based they have quite a few great pieces created by their members and feature tons of different styles. I think I visit that site once a week just to take an interest in what new things have been uploaded and have done for a few years.

This tells you most of everything you need to know. I would also use a multimeter to check that nothing is shorted before you plug it in. Probably everything will be fine if you’re careful, but one bad solder could be bad news.

Also, Mad Catz controller/arcade stick is really convenient to hack because all the grounds are common.

Don’t be afraid of doing a non-common ground controller though. I picked up an official wired controller off Deal extreme for $25 that turned out to be the early version. Didn’t have any issues with it

How do I check if I shorted it with the MM, I have one but I’m a complete noob to all this.