My Hero Academia: The True Hero Manga (Now Featuring Illegal Heroes Too!)


Since Bleach is dead next in 2 weeks finally we need a new manga to love/hate, and MHA has been immensely popular since its debut.

So who else reads this?






Acid girl best girl.


All girls are best girl


I need to catch up. Why am I so lazy???


That’s a funny way you guys got for spelling Jirou.


Mai Waifu Academia


There is honestly only one true best girl. Invisible Girl.


I told these scrubs she was better than their frog god a long time ago, she just runs around naked ALL THE TIME.


Best Girl wars aside, I need to watch the anime. I heard they did a nice job on it.


Anime is good

OST is really good


Double Post Bump


I came into this thread, anticipating parody.



New chapter.

New Arc.

New Characters.



I need to get caught up on this!! Show has potential.

And Frog Wife and Mt. Lady with Junk in the trunk for 2016!!


sign me up for team acid girl


I hope Deku United States of Smash Ochako’s cat. He better not pull a Makunouchi, he better cross that damn line. CROSS IT!!!


Deku has a backbone sort of

I am backing gravity waifu and giant waifu


At this rate I’m just gonna make a SRK Waifu list in the OP to shame all of you.