My Hero Academia: The True Hero Manga (Now Featuring Illegal Heroes Too!)


Pretty sure they “quarantined” her for the exact reason that her power properly used is story breaking. Otherwise, no injury, no death, no destruction, no quirk sealing, nothing would be safe.


New Chapter is up!


We out here winning hearts and minds.

Of course the thot has illusion powers…


Bro I’m like she prolly got some thot shit as her quirk lol


So…while I’m banging Camie, can she make me imagine I’m banging Mount Lady instead of her?


Well they aced that little exercise!!

Camie just moved up on the 2018 Thot tier list!!


Finally we can move on to more important things.


I was waiting for MS to update, but whatever:

You also get a bonus Illegals as well!


Endeavor with the character development. And Frenchie getting his stalker on…



Jiro too cute this chapter.


Ya know, I forgot to put up last weeks chapter. My bad!


@Bious doing the Lord’s work.

We all are grateful!!

And dat Maid Parade image!! <3 :smiley:


New Chapter is out:


just caught up with this over the weekend. Great shounen manga so far even if a bit too shouneny if that makes sense. I wouldnt have expected anything else tho.

I like the fact midoriya doesnt always win. Not sure why people fap over froggirl… but camie hottest girl imo altho yao momo is very close. Support girl is also hhhnnggg

Aizawa has a very kakashi vibe which is good. In fact there are a few parallels with naruto which isnt necessarily a bad thing.

Some of the other characters need expanding but get the feelin the author will take his time to explore each of them and give them due credit.

not really feelin the main bad guy - hand dude - at the moment but am feelin wheelchair dude. I like the nomus very scary and remind me of the nitro from toriko.

Also as an aside not sure why we dont have a Dr Stone thread its a fantastic manga.


New Chapter is out!


LOL at that bottom comment on page 8.


And the next one.


My boy Tokoyami with the hidden guitar tech


Love the show. Need to get caught up with the manga.


I already saw the latest chapter over at mangastream. The cultural festival is about to start and Midoriya bumps into somebody on his way to UA!