My home button on my TE S stick wont power on the console

So, my home button on my x360 TE S stick wont power on my xbox console (duh) but if I turn on my console and plug in the stick it works.

Any ideas what’s happening and if I can fix it myself?

I don’t know if the xbox ones are different, but my PS3 sticks have never turned on a console via this method… I always have to turn it on manually.

Is your Lockswitch in the locked position?

Akari, the PS3 TE doesn’t do this because the PS3 does not provide power to the USB ports while the console is off, the Xbox 360 does, so wired controllers can turn on the console. The only controllers that can turn it on are the wireless SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 controllers, or a stick modded with one.

Use the start button.

Mine has the same issue. It used to work but not anymore. Actualy two of mine have started doing this. Not a big deal but I would like to fix it.