My Hori EX2 PCB died

… or at least I think it did.
I modded a EX2 a few months ago back with Sanwa gear when VF5 came out and it worked great. Recently I had a problem where certain buttons would stop working in the middle of play, but it would go back to normal if I unplugged then replugged the cable and it shortly stop working again.
It got to the point where I opened it up to check if any wires were loose and all were intact. Last time I tried to figure what was wrong, I plugged it into my PC to check the button presses and nothing is coming up except the stick and 1 face button.
The only thing I can assume is that the PCB shorted somehow, but I don’t know what caused it or how to prevent it again if I end up modding another one. Is there anyway to recover this board if anything happened to it?

All the EX2s seem to have problems with buttons randomly not responding/dying after a while. Don’t know what to tell you.

I see. So even stock, a lot of these are crapping out?

Bumping in case someone else may know more details on these shoddy pcb’s.

i have a new stick i can sell you or just the PCB

I find this story about PCB deaths very strange. I read a lot about people claiming some PCB died (especially unofficial ones) but I think it’s probably more to do with cords being “tired” of being connected/disconnected and the wires break. If you can test the continuity (with multimeter) from console connector to PCB, you should have this matter solved methinks.

Why official PCBs seem stronger than nonames ? My theory is that the nonames have thinner wires which are more likely to break than those issued by some console maker like Sony.

The PCB on my Hori FS3 died after only a month.

Hori = fail.


Did it just crap out with stock parts or did you mod it?

my friends HRAP’s cord is all fucked right now. like you have to hold it straight out or it wont register.

I’ve modded my HORI twice. First time, it died on me. K (VF) didn’t work.

On my second one, K is dying out on me again. I resoldered the points and everything is working for now.

I have a stock HORI and have no problems with it at all.