My Hori Fighting Edge needs help ! LED talk


Hey fellas, kinda new here !

I Recently bought yet another stick: Hori Fighting Edge. Worked on a new Arcade Stick Art. Took me a few weeks. The only thing left for me to complete the stick i want is making my buttons and balltop LED.

Now, ive seen alot of websites which sell LED buttons and LED Balltops, or sticks But then i browsed a bit and ppl seems to talk about crazy LED modding.

Is there something i am missing ? don’t you just buy the LED buttons and replace the ones you got with those ? in that case i can easily do that.

Sorry if this seems stupid, i’m new in the whole modding aspect.

Thanks for your time !


To be honest it all depends on what you want to do.
Since you’re using a hori FE, you’re going to be limited to japanese/korean parts with either a clear body or clear plunger.

You can do your LED buttons a few different ways. Generally speaking though you either glue/drill LED’s to the bottom of the clear button or buy LED button inserts and mount them inside the button. Each product is different with LED button inserts on mounting the buttons in place.

As for an LED balltop you are pretty limited in choice there. You’re probably going to have to drill the bottom of a clear balltop where the threads are and create a cavity inside the ball to insert an LED (preferably either an SMD or 3mm LED) and have a hollow shaft inside your joystick for the wire to feed through. It can either be always on or if you use either a controller or a 4 gate NAND chip, can have it activate on press.

You can also use an LED controller to add special effects, brightness levels, color mixing (if you have RGB leds).

That’s generally the summary of what you can do in LED modification.

As to how to install LEDs you’re going to need a soldering iron for sure since its a Fighting Edge as no pre-made solderless boards exist for that model.
You may also need a drill, drill bits, a dremel with a cutting or grinding tool, a hot glue gun, extra 22-26 AWG wire for hooking up the LEDs and connecting the connectors.

There is a lot of stuff involved with LED modding that’s for sure. Believe me I know.


Hahhaha yes Mr. Morti, we think alike!

I did the same thing for my EVO stick. My case RGB LEDS are powered externally with a battery back hidden in the stick (complete with switch in the battery compartment!). I also popped in Remora for the buttons and am currently doing a stick LED mod.

As for TC, I have a general gist of how to do LED modding but unfortunately, this only applies for Madcatz sticks. I have no idea whats inside the HORI FE.

Crowd question, how are the LED side strips of the FE powered?** If** they are independent of the main PCB, you could pop in a PS360+ in there and then everything would roll smoothly.

TC, there are like 2 main types of LED button modding: Basic light up on activation LED buttons OR LED buttons that are powered and controlled by a controller (Ex. Remora / FGW Controller, etc)

With a controller, you can do a lot of cool effects such as RGB colours for each button, screensavers, and different press effects. They also have spots for LED Stick modding too. FGW has light up stick on activation, but it’s a bit more complicated to do. Gotta ask Mr. Morti for that one.

Im sure you could get these controllers to work, but remember that they aren’t natively made for HORI sticks. You’ll have to get someone’s insight on how to implement them.

For LED Stick lighting, check out my thread to see how I did it: LED lighting a Sanwa stick help / Semi-tutorial

I highly suggest you buy your LED Stick parts from They have everything you possibly need and will even drill the balltop for you if you ask nicely. Great people! (Ask Susan after you placed your order, she’s a great person!!!)


Remora? Too easy, dual modded with a cut up Cerberus and a sparky pwm


When you say Limitied to Japanese/Korean parts. Why is that ? arent buttons and sticks universal ? And if they are, is it that bad to be sticking to Japanese/Korean parts ? From all i heard it’s top quality. What’s the difference between a Japanese LED button and any other ?

Also i really appreciate all the details about how to MOD my stick. but i have ZERO modding knowledge. All i do is replace my Fighting Stick Arts with ones i do or ones i get commissioned for. So that’s basically taking the stick appart, removing the art, and putting my own.

You’re talking about Chips, controllers, Soldering.

I can’t even begin to understand how to do that stuff without decapitating my sticks. I have no one to show me irl thats why when i browsed for LED and their website and i saw :

LED BUTTONS ! i check the images and videos, the guy just presses the button and it lights up, or it’s permanently lit up. So thats where i got really interested because THAT is something i can do within my limited knowledge of modding. just replacing my buttons with new ones and replugging them seemed like the perfect fit.

SO basically there is no simple way to do it right ? No replace and enjoy easy buisness ?

Thanks !


American parts won’t fit because of the size requirement. japanese and korean parts are the only ones that can fit inside there

Sadly there’s no easy way. LED’s are a labor of love. You have to cut it open and work inside and solder.


Hey wolf, have you figure out about the LED modd buttons yet? I tried to modd mines, but yet i’m so confused as well. For right now I’m using the FGW for the LED modd on the Hori FE. I’m just confused as hell because the only tutorial I’ve seen for the FGW is Madcatz. I have the seimitsu buttons with the khnsert and fgwidet, but what confuses me is the soldering, wiring, and install inside the hori. I have the picture here since i opened it.

I really want this too since my girlfriend got it for me for my birthday. I want to make it look sexy for her… Any suggestions?

  1. Relax and remain calm. Trust me panicking makes it worst. Having a level head makes everything ALOT easier.
  2. Take you time and real all available information. The process of actually installing the buttons are the same regardless of what brand arcade stick you are using.
    I know toodles should have included a small piece of paper that came with your FG Widget LED controller, make sure you read that
    What changes is the ground and VCC points on your particular Arcade stick. Most people tap into the +5 volt like from the USB (red wire) for VCC and any ground point works (usually a black wire).

There are other sources of info, these are just the first two link I found after a few seconds of google search.

  1. Take your time with your mod and take alot of notes to keep track. See how your button signals are all color coded, write which wire color goes where. Take any other notes if you think it help you out. Do not reliy on memory alone.

  2. Do not be afraid to ask further questions