My Hori Fighting Stick 3 (EX2 360 version) is better than the MadCatz SE

Ok I know some of you guys might be disagreeing with me but here it is…

I have been using the Madcatz SE for a week now. I’ve gotten used to it and everything is great. The SE is a pretty good stick.

Since the SE are getting so much bad rep, I’ve decided to order the Hori FS3. Well after about 5hrs of gaming… I have concluded the Hori FS3 is better than the MadCatz SE.

Yes i have to admit that the FS3 is lighter and a bit smaller, but the joystick quality and the buttons just feel so much better. I’m not sure what plate the FS3 is using but the circular motions are done more easily and that the buttons are SO much softer and it is much quieter than the Madcatz SE.

By the way, I will be using this Hori FS3 stick as my secondary. My Hori Real Arcade 3 will be coming in 2 days so I’ll have an update on it once I get it.

What do you guys think about these sticks? Thanks.


Just kidding. I respectfully disagree. With your HRAP coming in, it’ll render your two other sticks useless, pretty much.


Yes, i think you are right. The Hori Real Arcade is going to kick some ass. =) I can’t wait. By the way, I brought two of those Madcatz and I’m going to return both. Screw Madcatz, I’m Hori all the way!!

instead of getting a fs3 you should have gotten arcade parts for the SE…

Getting parts for the SE? Another reason why I did not like the SE was that it moves while in play and I will have to constantly reposition it.

I need a heavy duty stick that won’t move at all. Since the MadCatz TE is all sold out not to mention over price at 150 bucks… my only option is the Hori Real Arcade.

Why am i spending $80 bucks on a SE that I will be taking apart? This is the part that I don’t get. Madcatz screwed up and people here are still insisting of getting their screw up products. Doesn’t make any sense at all!

Hey let’s tell everyone that KIA makes pretty good cars. Just go buy their cars and GUT out everything and replace it with BMW parts… You will then have an awesome car!!!

That is a GREAT point mojoeb. But some people look at the over all cost to buy then upgrade the stick apposed to just buying the TE or something higher grade. I Actually like the look and size of the SE over other sticks and wouldn’t mind upgrading if need be. My SE has ZERO problems and I love it. I just need to put in an octogon plate and install a bat top and I’m good.

I like your analogy, however it’s rather simple to mod the SE compared to a car. But I’m satisfied with my HRAP EX, screw the SE :sweat:

mojoeb> 'just saying.
I have a jp HRAPEX I just finished triple pcb modding, but honestly I wish I went the madcatz TE way or HRAP ps2 as I spend way too much time and money on the whole thing.

anyway, you’ll have to mod your HRAPEX because I don’t think the hori stock button are going to be much better than the madcatz.

Unless the stick you’re referring to has the ability to be bolted down and you’re going to take advantage of that then this is a moot point. If your SE is moving around now a couple of more pounds of weight isn’t going to solve that issue.

Your logic fails and so does your analogy.

Though Mad Catz may have had some issues with quality control that is not synonymous with functionality. While it’s true that you can get one that’s crapily built the same goes for any product. Though Mad Catz’ propensity for churning out lemons vs. another company is probably higher you can only make a legitimate comparison when you ignore QC.

The fact is the SE stick is a decent stick. It was designed for people to be able to mod it, but not in the hopes that they would do so. For the average player it’s all they’ll ever need. On top of that $80 for a prebuilt stick frame with PCB is an excellent price.

Your analogy fails because comparing swapping out car parts to arcade parts is overblown. A novice can do the necessary mods on an arcade stick in 1-2 hours. To replace just the wheels and even get the engine out of a car would take longer for even an experienced mechanic. Also cars serve as status symbols far more than arcade sticks go. When people see you they’ll say hey there’s the guy in the KIA. They wont know it’s got BMW parts. With arcade sticks the only thing that matters is if you’re the guy winning or not. If people could get better performance out of keyboards or DDR pads they’d be on that… Lastly if swapping car parts were so easily done yes alot of people would be doing so.

You obviously know nothing about cars.

i hope you realize that it was a figure of speech. he has a point on buying a 80 dollar controller and then spending 40 more dollars on it to make it not have problems and work up to his expectations.

I’m going to keep this short:

So you are saying if cars in general are made much easier to modify, you would still recommend purchasing a KIA (aka Madcatz) and strip it down and modify it with BMW (Sanwa) parts?

Dude, i’m just using cars as an example. Don’t read too much of it. How about using bicycles or skateboards or any other product in general? You would still buy a inferior product just so you can modify it?? That’s just great. Hey Huffy is coming out with a new bike, hurry up and get it at your local Toys R Us. Strip it down and go to your Specialized store and buy all the expensive parts for it. Good luck…

‘Lastly if swapping car parts were so easily done yes alot of people would be doing so.’

Damn, hurry and draft this new idea to KIA. Ask KIA to develop an easily modifiable car!! They’ll sell like hot cakes!!! LOL Screw Porsche and BMWs.

People do exactly this but with computers everyday.

I would easily buy a beige box for 50 bucks and put quality parts in it than buy an Alienware computer anyday. I would save money and probably get the same if not better performance.

So yes, if cars were as easily built as a PC or moddable as the SE people would be buying hoopties left and right and putting dual turbo’s in it.

That said, my SE is going to see a full Seimitsu mod and custom paint in about a month. I’ll have pictures then, and it’ll be sweet. Yes, it will be much better than an EX-2, be heavier and not one thing needed to have soldering done. Still, you’re getting a HRAP so what you flexin’ for? lol

I’ve looked around on a some stick faqs around here and found sites for parts, but how do I order an entire stick? Where did you order your hori from, and can i order the hori real from the same place?

Read: “Twin Turbo”

-ahem =).

OP thats good to know, I’ve been debating on purchasing either the HRAP3 or the SE (with plans to upgrade both. First stick, I’m excited to get into it and mod). I know the SE is as foolproof as it gets with modding, but how does the HRAP compare on those terms?

I was raised in Cholotown, Puerto Rico. (NOOOSSSSS!!~!) What did you expect? You got my point though. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the point (and there’s no ‘probably’ about it). I realize this isn’t about cars my point was that your analogy was so far off that it didn’t serve any purpose. The reality is that unlike the PC market where I have my choice of 2^7 different kinds of ATX cases there is no analog in the stick market. You either make it yourself or send your measurements to Bob Vila And have him do it for you. The SE stick is as close as you’re going to get to an easily modable shell right now. It just also happens to be a very functional stick as well.

Summing up: There is absolutely nothing wrong with the SE. Out of the box it does what it’s supposed to do very well. In addition to that it’s currently the most modable retail stick on the market while maintaining a relatively attractive price point.

If you’re dead set on making some witty comparison then it would be like buying a last gen model of a computer from a retail store for a discount that they had in the back of the warehouse. You can open it up and it’ll work fine. With a few easy mods it’ll be as good as if not better than what they have on display

‘I would easily buy a beige box for 50 bucks and put quality parts in it than buy an Alienware computer anyday. I would save money and probably get the same if not better performance.’

But you are not just buying the $50 beige box, you are buying a full POS PC with all the graphics card, CPU, motherboard in it as well! Then with the full POS PC system, you are going to strip it out and buy new mobo, CPU, graphics card to upgrade it (aka Madcatz SE).

Bad analogy dude…

‘That’s exactly the point’ - Hotobu hahah and you said my analogy sucked…

I think Amazon still have it available.