My Hori Fighting stick 3 wont work :(


Hi guys I’m new at Street fighter and a Friend of mine gave a Hori Fighting Stick 3! It work perfectly fine on my ps3 but wont work on my comuter.So i did some research.

I found out that the stick can work on PC but only with a driver. Problem is that the driver only works for 32 bit OS. Then I tried x360ce. But when i try to map the keys, it wont work either. So now, after hours of googling, I’m asking you guys if you have a solution. And don’t judge my english please it’s not my first language :p.


Can’t offer much help aside from saying that there are at least two different versions of the FS3 pcb because some fully work on my computers and others are only detected by name alone.

If there’s no software solution then I’d say replace the pcb with a Zero Delay Encoder (or similar), though it will still involve quite a bit of modding.


I ran into this years ago… Check this thread [driver release]Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PC


The Hori Fighting Stick 3 only works with certain chipsets on PC. nVidia set ups seem to do ok sometimes, but AMD/ATI sets don’t for some reason.

I have one that works with an eMachine running an AMD dual processor and nVidia integrated graphics, and an Acer running a similar build, but my AMD 8130 won’t do a thing with it.


thanks for the answers guys…but since I have a 64bit OS, I think it’ll never work :’(. I tried that driver already but it just say that it’s not compatible with my 64bit OS.