My Hori FS3 stick seems a little worn out

I’ve owned this stick since 2008 or so and the joystick locks up a little bit in certain positions. I can still execute moves with it but it’s annoying. Is this just because of wear and tear on the cheap HORI parts? I’m about to buy either a Q4RAF or an Eightarc Fusion. Will this kind of thing happen with real Sanwa parts or can they take more abuse and last longer? Finally, is there anything I can do to stop the stick from jamming other that putting a new stick in?

Thanks for the help.

No. Sanwas are built to last a long time, they will not wear out unless handled very poorly and under very, VERY heavy abuse.

Need pics about the stick problem. I think it might be the spring.

I’ll get pics tomorrow. Now it won’t even register back on the stick. I’m ordering either an Eightarc or a Q4RAF on Monday when I get my paycheck. I’m still trying to decide between them. What makes the Eightarc worth $30 more other than the fact the start button isn’t by the attack buttons and it has LED lights?

I still plan to fix my FS3 after I get my new stick to use as a guest stick or a back up.

The Q4RAF has a handle for transportation. Other than that, they are similar in design.

I’d also suggest if you are going to try to fix your FS3, just replace both the sticks and swap out the buttons for a better quality, more lasting stick and buttons. But, if you are still are willing to keep it stock, I’ll still try to help as much as possible.