My HRAP 3SA Art- please critique

I have just started making templates for myself via photoshop and am trying to get better and better at making them. I am pretty hype for Ibuki so all of my templates so far feature her. I plan to use semietsu (sp?) buttons
Images are posted in order of creation.

please share any feedback

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think it works well when you mix different art styles (ibuki images and backgrounds) I like the last one with the moon and the beach the most, not so keen on the others.

thank you for the feedback

I like the colorful look of the first one. Almost looks like crayon ^^. Good work.

thank you. I’m glad the intent came through on the first one.

They’re all cool, but if you choose to use any of the last 2 choices please remove the kanji from the art. It looks really tacky to people who can read it, and most likely to those who can’t as well. Imagine if you had a stick art of a Ferrari, and on the bottom right corner in English you put “CAR”. That’s how stupid it looks :rofl:.

Thank you. I don’t know any of the kanji, or japanese for that matter, i just thought that the design of it(the kanji) looked cool but I’ll take that into consideration.