My HRAP Stick Suddenly Stopped Working

Hey there. I have a hori blazblue stick, which i think is the same as a hrap3 stick with different artwork…

anyway it was working just as it always does on my ps3 for ssf4, but then i unplugged it and put it into my computer (which has always worked), but then my computer didn’t recognize it at all.

I was getting frustrated, so i plugged it back into my ps3, changed all the switches (i have no idea what that little switch does). but no good :pray:, my ps3 no longer registered with my stick :(.

My hori blazblue stick is a huge paperweight right now and I want to get it to work badly, except i have no idea where to start. Did i short the USB cable? did i short the hardware? did something else happen? All I know is that nothing registers when I plug it in anymore. Please help my stick and let me stop playing vanilla on a SE stick on my pc :frowning:


Maybe the cord is bad? any pics?

is there a place where you can buy parts for hori sticks? such as a replacement for the usb part

Any usb will work.

OK, i’ll start looking around for the USB part.