My Idea for a Fighting Game RPG


I was thinking in bed last night about SF Alpha 3’s world tour mode

I think it would be really awesome if there was a full on RPG game in the SF universe (wouldn’t have to be though because it might not make sense with some of my later suggestions) where you have a world map with random encounters (would be kind of better if you could dodge them if you want like Earthbound / Chrono Trigger though and less frequent) and you go into different towns and have dialogue.

I would want it so you carry over HP from every battle until you heal… Have items that give your health back, revive KO, boost your own special moves, make your walk speed faster, recovery on normals, specials faster. I think it would also be cool if some characters have moves that put status effects on the opponents like poison where your health slowly drains, or one where you can do special moves (silence kind of), regen you get your health back. You could use items in and outside of battle but certain ones only in certain situations and maybe you would have to assign it before battle cause it be kind of dumb to pause in battle to use a potion lol.

You would have 2 on 1 battles just like alpha / cross tekken, would also be cool if there were some battles where you tag out 2 or 3 men like marvel or SF x T requiring a ton of different engines / mechanics but i think it would be amazing for future consoles. An online mode would be amazing where you are walking around in the world and you can fight whomever. You could power up specific skills down to the exact button to create your own unique character but only allowed so many attribute points (and within that only so many per attribute so you cant have a 1 hit KO LP) so its balanced.

I also think it would be cool for certain parts you have to assemble a team to try and counter-pick your opponent (make it so in the story mode the matchups can potentially be very bad or very good depending on who you chose) and it would also be cool if along the way you got to choose different characters like when you are in Japan at one part you can pick either Sakura or E Honda to join your team (but only 1 so there is replayability factor) and you have to defeat them for them to join your team. For like major boss battles too you might have to use your entire team to fight and they make him so hard even with 4 characters you still might lose but make it so you could grind out longer and make it a little easier. I think it would be important to max out stats at a level thats not so high though that the last boss is still difficult even at the highest level.

Would also be cool if you get money from fights so you can stay in hotels and heal up, buy new outfits to boost your defense and speed, also maybe weapons for certain characters (like cody,vega, rolento, it would make a lot of sense obviously which would be another cool dynamic they could do more damage) another way you could level up too is complete really difficult trial mode combos at a gym and that can maybe open up new attribute points, i think it would be awesome if this was in online mode too so that only these crazy combo gods like desk are able to achieve these higher stats, but maybe that would be unappealing to a casual player because they would get out-statted. It would also be cool if you could learn new special moves, ultras, supers, etc. along the path and only assign your self 1 or 2 or maybe more depending on the character.

not sure what else to add sorry it sounds like complete shit as far as the writing is concenred i was just insanely excited about this and wanted to nerd out for a minute.






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