My idea for the ultimate 3d all-female fighting game

All-female fighting games have appeared throughout the years in Japan and had very little regonition from western gamers. The most popular all-female fighter to western audiences is Rumble Roses, which is not really a traditional fighter, a wrestling game. What if we had a 3d all-female fighter so outstanding that would not just create a massive fanbase from places like North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere, but also roughly compete with other 3d fighting frachises such as Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and DOA? It would make Arcana Heart seem worthless. Here is my list of features of what would be in this game.

Sharp cast: Ranging to 30 total characters, while you start with 18. They would only speak Japanese.

Tons out outfits: Each character would have a total of 15 outfits, while they would all start with 3.

Stage variety: There would be dozens of different stages, like ones without walls, ones with walls, and multi-tier stages. Certain ones can be unlocked.

HUGE amount of modes: This is my favorite part. It would have many modes such as arcade, story, time attack, survival, practice, versus, team battle, tag battle, tutorial, marathon (Kinda like Tekken 6’s Ghost Battle mode), battle theater, and more. There would also be a replay mode to view all the matches you recorded, as well as a mission mode where you do many different challenges to get points and unlock much of the game’s content.

Online play: it would have online matchmaking, a tournament mode with brackets, rankings, and much more.

Deep fighting engine: It would have many types of moves and techniques for each character, ranging from punches, kicks, throws, grapples, counters, counter-attacks, parries, evasives, reversals, chain-throws, and much, much more. It would also allow 30-hit combos.

Your thoughts?

30 hit combos?! Are those better than cheddar cheese, 'cause those are bomb. None of that pretzel bullshit either.


vf5r on consoles.



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I rest my case.

I thought you would have an actual idea versus just a concept.

Here’s mine for the best car ever:

-super fast
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my point being, flesh your idea out. Ideas are all fine and dandy but anyone can say that want to make an awesome fighting game…the question is ‘how?’. How will yours stand out? Will there be nudity? Kissing? Lesbians? Nude kissing lesbians?

good thread

“They would only speak Japanese.”

Dead or Alive: Extreme Volleyball…I rest my case.

It is an idea, for the concept of an 3d all-female fighter believe me to finally be perfected. Believe me, if this would actually come out, what I mentioned on here would be the tip of the iceberg.

Cool story, bro.


Wait, that’s not all?

haha, i was going to post this exact thing XD. good call !

Nope. It would have another mode similar to MK Deception’s Chess Kombat, but it would feel more like the game Wrath Unleased (Google it). It would even have some minigames such as one that has track and field-style events as well as tennis, and you guessed it, beach volleyball, which would be a bit more exciting that DOAX volleyball. Online multiplayer would have numerous modes, such as winner stays, loser stays, team battle, tag battle, and a few others.

In online team battle, it would feel more similar to King of fighters. A total of 8 players would fight with each character they pick. If one player’s character from their team gets knocked out, the next player joins in and you get to watch it from there. 4 players play each other in tag battle, 2 players on each team. When one player switches with their teammate, he/she joins in.

The game would also have a musuem mode, which would include sections like an art gallery, movie theater, and more. Most stuff on there can be unlocked. In arcade mode, there’s even an option whether or not you want to allow people to challenge you online while you play through the mode. There are tons of other options for the game, the most basic being able to adjust round time and number of rounds. You can also adjust the amount of health and even allow up to three life bars, when one is depleted, the other shows up.

That’s all I got in my mind for the moment.

You better have a lot of money to spend on outsourced asian labor if you want to get a 3d kof all girl fighter with 5 other games on it.

So, you want to make Rumble Roses 3, throw in a bunch of modes that no one will care about that will undoubtedly take time away from making the main game good, throw in a bunch of stages that no one will care about how many there are because the developers didn’t choose to make a few good stages and all the stages have suffered, throw in a bunch of costumes which again, no one buying this game will care about and at best would rather just see the girls naked.

This sounds tight.

I don’t suppose you have any concept art?

titties need to bounce…where da boob physics at

Nice system ideas. All the shit in the world plus thirty hit combos. I must admit i’m blown away with the creativity

omgz dude thats the best idea ever! You are the greatest! 30 hit combos? Every fucking system mechanic thats ever been a fighting game? My man, you need to go apply at Capcom ASAP, or SNKP at the very least. I can’t believe you posted that idea on a public forum, someone might steal it! :pray::pray::pray:

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I would really appreciate if someone could explain them to me.

Actually, comanies like Namco and Konami would be far better choices. I really wish that someone would make a game like this. It would sell pretty well. I’ll come up with more details later on.