My ideas for new fighting games

Tekken 6-
After Jin defeats Jinpachi in Devil form, Jin consumes Jinpachi’s power, but is knocked out, soon. Hwaorang and Kazuya appear, trying to defeat the evil being, but Kazuya is killed and Hwaorang is beaten to the ground. Asuka meets Jin and is trying to find the connection between her and him. Feng Wei gets the Dragon Scrolls and becomes the strongest warrior. Lei Wulong lets him go on, on the grounds that Feng doesn’t kill anymore warriors. Marduk is defeated by King, but King and Marduk become allies. Heihachi decides to fight Jin in a new tournament. Anna and Nina manage to settle their differences. Yoshimitsu kills Bryan.

Very soon, Jin holds the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to defeat Heihachi. Raven hopes to kill Heihachi, so, no evil will go on. Xiaoyu, very soon, realizes the torment of Jin’s soul and decides to help him. Paul continues fighting to be the best and Law manages to pay for his son’s bills. Then, Forest and Marshal enter to fight in the tournament.

New features:
-Online fighting
-An online shop that lets you buy new costume customization items. Thousands of items and new costumes can be purchased and new costumes can be customized.
-Create-a-warrior mode

Street Fighter 4-

Three years after Third Strike, Ryu is busy training Sakura to be a stronger fighter than ever before. Sakura is making great progress! Also, Ken is training his son, Mel, and his other student, Sean. However, Sean is kidnapped by Akuma and is turned into Dark Sean, so, the two can fight.

Gill, meanwhile, is planning to conquer the Earth. He has enlisted Vega, Balrog, and other evil, greedy fighters. Yun and Yang decide to help Chun Li with this investigation and Ryu becomes tangled in this, as Gill wants to use Ryu’s power for evil. Sakura decides to help Ryu fight this evil.

New features:
-Same online shop in Tekken 6, where you can buy thousands of customization items
-All of the characters from Street Fighter 3 series, all of the characters from EX3 and all from SF2, excluding M.Bison.
-Customizeable costumes
-Create-a-warrior mode lets you create fighting moves
-New 3D graphics styled in the style of Tekken 5
-A deep story mode with a great storyline
-Hundreds of fighting moves and special attacks, along with three selectable super moves
-Fast-paced fighting

“dark sean”?.. groan. Bring back Bison goddamit!

what are you talking about ‘dark sean’ is Bison, but only in the fact that sean is really a clone of Bison.
which he got shadowlaw to create when he heard chun-li was after him.
so Bison faked his death and has his mind transferred to the empty shell of sean, who in turn hides his psycho power and wants to learn akumas secrets so he can kill ryu with the most powerful move in the world ever…the SHIN PSYCHO GOKU SATSU!! OMG!! RYU IS DEAD!! :open_mouth:

My idea for new fighters would be for the game to emit radiation that goes straight into your balls, causing you to be sterile so your children will never plague the world with the scourge that is your genetics.

So by new, you mean sequels instead of original ideas. And by ideas, you mean storyline and dressup, as opposed to the actual engine and how they could be improved or reinvented.


Omg random characters die, lots of old characters back and OMG EVIL ENEGRGY?

You should bloody write for Dragonball Z. Don’t waste your talent here.


New Fighting Guy Ideas…Make an existing Character evil , happens all the time its wearing thin.I wouldnt be suprised at a dark sean to be honest,there is a bloody evil everyone else

1 point tho is Kaz should wipe everybody in Tekken and rule supreme cuz hes the man.

4th STRIKE!! you can parry THE SERAPHIC WINGS!!! jijiji

i guess this might actually be off-topic but, does anyone have an opinion on SF4 crouch movement? Im not really for it, but if they figured out a way to make it work it might be tight.

Also, i think that the standard should be 3 winning rounds not 2.

As far as cast goes for SF4, i dont think it should be over-saturated like its a versus game. I dont think they need EVERY character EVER for this to be a great game, but thats been discussed a million times already.

They should go the extra mile and have some type of cutscene stuff going on between every 2 or 3 fights in single player, and have mini, but relevant, endings after each 2 player fight is over. Keeping it to 10-15 seconds. It should be animated though, imo.

Going the extra mile they should have a couple of different endings for each character.

Back to the systems though:
-Parry’s aren’t going anywhewre
-I wouldnt mind seeing something similar to JD’s though, like maybe at super screen you also get to pick offense (parry), or defense (just defend).
-Also, they should really consider a way to have it so the player who gets challenged gets to pick the fucking background. Just have it be an extra cursor, or at the very least make it so its random every time.
-NO CHARACTER SHOPS OR COLOR CHANGE MODE. I understand people like to play doa beach volleyball and other little dress up games, but that shit is hella whack. There is already a pretty diverse set of costumes for each character.
-Offer, a normal and turbo selection (for the challenger to pick)
-Offer, super strength (bar length) option. Im trying to think of a way to describe this, maybe ill edit later.

Expect no less from a guy with the username “Ryukuma”.

Haha, took the words right out of my mouth.

I didn’t really bother clicking in when I saw “akuma” mixed in the name.


Why dont they just make a fighting game with alot of moves to chose from. Each move depending how powerful is on a point system. So lets say you have a maximum of 30. Hadoken is like 3.Shoryuken is 4. Super will be like 10,15,20. Only problem is it will be hard to counter the person playing cause you dont know what techniques they have till you see them. But your opponent will be the same way.

Your scenario for SF4 has several problems:

  • Gill is not evil
  • Ryu is studying under Oro
  • Akuma is really not the kind to kidnap others for ‘conversion’

maybe scrap the whole sf base and start new with an entirely different engine for 2d fightes in the arcade? yea, a hell of a lot of work and really iffy. but if capcom wants to make another legacy that is called street fighter, they gotta do something. but i know it is impossible… :sad:

no sf4 must remain 2d

For CVS3 they should do like Marvel/DC did with the amalgam line and combine the two universes… would be interesting.

i love that idea

I vote yes for crotch movement. It’s about time capcom implemented it.

But if they implement crotch movement, your c.MP wouldn’t hit anymore…:confused:

But crotch movement would add to the game on so many levels.