My impressions on the Octo gate

I’ve recently recieved my octogonal gate for my TE stick, since I was having some execution problems before after alot of practice.

I’d have to say, It makes my movements more concise. I was told it would have a longer “throw”, but I don’t see any change in my blocking/dashing patterns. I’m very quick with the motions so this wouldnt hinder me.

Shoryuken motions are much easier, as are QFC. The square gate is better for 720’s/charge characters but I’ve had an easier time on QFC characters with this. It’s all about preference, though.

I plan on changing back to square gate once I’m perfect with the motions on the octo gate. It’ll make my QFC inputs much easier on the square gate.

I prefer Square-gate for SF4, Simply for the fact you can dragon punch just by tapping diagx2 and punch.
I prefer Octogonal Gate, For any other game then SF4, People say Square’s better for charges and gief, But i play gief better on octo-gate

I don’t thin either HINDER, You its all about personal preference and certain situations or characters.

:df::df: is not a real Shortcut for Shoryuken.
It does not work.

Go into Training, turn on Input Display.
Try to get a Shoryuken done with only :df::df:.

I like the square gate because I can fake people out with crouching srk, it’s stupid, and it only works in SFIV, but it’s easier than the Z motion and for me more reliable.

No offense

But I don’t give a rats ass about the shoryuken shortcuts or how easier they are on Square/Octo. Thats not a reason to pick a gate in my opinion. Maybe its because I don’t use shotos.

The actual “shortcut” motion is :df::d::df:, as JDM has stated :df::df: alone will not work (SFIV accepts any forward, any down, any forward plus attack as a valid DP).

As for picking a gate, the above works better on a square gate.

I think Octo gates are pretty horrible. Even with 360 characters I find the square gate to be more precise and on the point.

It is preference and all but yeah for people new to sticks it does not take long at all to adapt to Square gate. Just keep playing and don’t give up.

I grew up on Happ parts and square gates. I didn’t get my dragon punch down well until after I had some playing time on the SNES. Then I went to the arcade and my game winning doubled. I went back home to my d-pad and got frustrated enough to go to the game store and buy the Capcom SNES SFII stick. I really liked it, except for the fact that the buttons stuck once in a while.

Read the OP. I think you mean QCF.

I taught a friend how to play with an octo gate to get the ball rolling and to learn the motions. Then, I told him to compact the motions. He’s onto square gates now. I find octo gates to be a stepping stool if the person struggles with square at first.

not too big of a fan of the sanwa octogates, but its better than nothing (read square gate).

seimitsu octogates are better.

Square gates for life!

For everyone that doesn’t understand the shortcut, Im talking about;

[media=youtube]eUOcAIIEXl0&feature=related[/media] P1
[media=youtube]0tA1rz7FxTg&feature=related[/media] P2

I understand that.
And it is not true.

The :df::df: Shortcut is a misconception.
It doesn’t work.

It was talked about when SFIV first came out.
It was talked about so much that High-level Players thought it was real.

What do you mean? I can do it just fine, Im uploading a video now in-game.
Im not saying its purely diagonalx2 it never inputs that way, I just meant how you press it is that way and it works.

why dont u two take this discussion to the sf4 forums?

Because it’s not that big of a deal + Its related.

Yes, it works if the motion of a Diagonal is done.
Works because a Down or Forward input gets in during the release or execution.

What I was saying is the pure Diagonal input done twice does not work.

And I am able to get two :df: alone.
And that does not work for Shoryuken.

But a lot of people do think it works.
But it does not.

As the directional if you hit it diagonal(x2) and then punch it will show 2 diagonals and a down or forward or back something like that. Anyways back to the thread everyone

I am able to get two Diagonals show up without a Down or Forward or Back.

I dont have to press down or forward or back they just show up when you hit double diagonal with punch