My impressions on the Octo gate

No, they don’t. You’re just not inputting two distinct diagonals followed by a punch. If the other direction shows up, it means that you were inputting that direction at that time, albeit unintentionally.

Im pretty sure that im not, hitting any other direction but i could be wrong.

The shortcut for SRK is specifically :df::d::df: or :r::df::r:. Try it by riding the square gate without returning the joystick to neutral and you will see how easy it is.

However I don’t recommend anyone actually get used to these inputs unless you plan on only playing SF4. IMO it will help your execution overall if you learn how to buffer the SRK input such as Ryu’s f.FP->cr.FP->df.FP which when done correctly will cancel the crouching fierce into fierce SRK.

All I’m saying is most people don’t play on square gates to abuse shortcut inputs, especially when they’ve been playing on square long before SF4 had the shortcuts.

I’m starting to think that maybe your stick has a shorter dead in it. How much percentage of the entire throw do you have to reach in order to get from neutral to actuation? Take a close look while you have the arrow keys on screen, then check and see how much movement you have between total throw at the octo gate and actuation, going from the gate back to neutral.

Another thing you may want to check is your gate clocking position. With the arrows on screen, check and see how far you have to move the stick from each arrow. Start at :d: and go to :df:, then do the same from :df: to :r:. Check to make sure that you contact actuation evenly between all points where the stick indexes in the octo gate.

If actuation to the next arrow starts late when facing right, the gate is clocked too far clockwise. If the actuation to the next arrow starts too early when facing right, the gate is clocked too far counterclockwise. After checking it facing right, double check your settings by facing left. If it’s late facing right, it will be early facing left, etc. If your gate does need adjusting, remember that you are inverting your stick to access the gate and to invert the direction that you need to go when making the adjustment.