My internet/network causing issues playing mvc2 and hdr online


Whadup all. Had to get a router yesterday for a second computer, and its been giving me issues since. I originally had fail to connect issues connecting to one of my friends to play last night. I figured it was just port forwarding so i went and setup the static ip on the 360, and forwarded the ports. Havnt tested whether or not i can connect to that specific friend as he had to go, however now other wierd things are happening. I havnt yet had time to test other games, but atm, when i scan for matches on marvel, the first scan will show all of them, then each rescan, shows less and less results, until there are 0. Doesnt do this without router. Not sure what might have been causing this so i figured i would post about it. Also there still seem to be some people i fail to connect to fairly commonly. I should probably mention im also on hotel internet, but i dont THINK its the cause of any issues, as its worked pretty well thus far, and i havnt had to forward ports for it for things like ggpo and such. Any ideas? thanks guys.

This post was totally rushed. I just got up, and im in a hurry for work, so please forgive me if i forgot something vital.


Curious, if you were to do the “Connect to XBOX Live” test, what does it tell you? At first thought, it sounds like a NATing issue. For that, there are typically 3 things you can do.

  1. Set a static IP for your 360, and forward the appropriate ports, which it sounds like you’ve already attempted to do.

  2. Set a static IP for your 360, and put it on the DMZ so all traffic is opened to the 360.

  3. If your router supports this, enable UpnP and your router will open/close automatically ports as devices on your network attempt to pass traffic to the internet.

Also, what kind of router did you purchase? Depending on the router, you may be able to flash the firmware to a 3rd party, which will give you more functionality and possibly better performance.


Did you say you’re using a hotel internet connection? Dude you can’t use a router on that connection … no wonder you’re having problems.

Try instead only using the LAN ports, ignore the WAN port entirely. So the hotel connection goes into a LAN port, as well as both computers. Your router should have 4 wired ports (most do).

All your IP configuration and port forwarding will be completely meaningless and won’t work, you’re at the mercy of however the hotel network is configured, and you can’t change it.


Ive done the test, and it connects to internet but does get a ICMP error. I read that, that error was normal with the internet provider the hotel has. It doesnt seem to let me get to the screen that tells me if nat is open or not. Might be operator error, not sure, im new to xbox. I did setup the static ip for the 360, forward the ports, as well as turning on the dmz for the 360’s ip. I checked the upnp setting, and it was enabled. And it was a belkin wireless g, f5d7234-4 v5.

And yes, im on a hotel connection, but it seems to be fine with the router. We are only using hardwired connections. I had considered the port forwarding being on the hotel’s end before, but was starting to think it was not needed. Reason being was, when using wireless(just as a test) ggpo would not connect to half the ppl, and after going back to wired internet, it worked fine.

I have yet to try to connect to my problematic friend without the router hooked up, but will asap. I have confirmed tho, that mvc2 games do not disapear without the router, like they do when the router is hooked up.

Thanks for the speedy responses guys, i appreciate your time and help immensely.


Can you draw a quick diagram (MS Paint is fine) of how you’ve got things wired up?


Hell yea, pro-ass diagram inc.

Also just did some testing. HDR and final fight do the same thing with scanning for games. Gta4 was having similar issues. In more detail, what it does, is on the first scan, several games will show up. Then with each refresh, they will 1 by 1 disapear from my results, until there arent any left. At which point it will NOT find any more. I have to straight power off the console and reload it.
I DID get into the network information screen on the GFWL hud with the PC version of SF4, and under NAT it has STRICT and thats even after forwarding the ports for the pc im on as well. Cant seem to find that screen on the 360 tho.

Edit: Also, even tho theoretically, one would think all port forwarding would HAVE to be done on the hotel’s end, as it is the source, there is definitely something going on with this router. I noticed today, on final fight double impact, if i scan for games without the router hooked up at all, it doesnt find one single game. However once the router is hooked up and the ports are forwarded, it finds tons of games. I just found that to be odd, and worth pointing out.


Was just playing GTA on free mode online, and mid game got an error telling me my router/nat was too strict. Decided to hook up without router to see what GFWL said for NAT, and it was listed as moderate without the router. I seem to recall not even being able to find free mode games on GTA pre router, but im going to try to get in one without the router hooked up and play a while and see if i dont get that error message.


Just to reiterate one of Robbie’s previous posts, can you make sure that EVERYTHING is plugged into the LAN and not WAN ports? If you do have a cable going from the hotel’s ethernet jack into the WAN port, you are double NATing, which is going to cause you all sorts of grief. By making sure everything is plugged into the LAN ports, your router should function like a Bridge and simply pass traffic from the Hotel’s network.


If you’re going to DMZ the IP your 360 is on isn’t it a waste of time to manually open ports on that same IP aswell?


Yes, both would be unnecessary. One or the other.


WOW, apperently my roommate was working on the issue, and did hook the it thru wan. Ive now got the xbox with a static ip going thru the hotel router/server, AND ive managed to poke around and find out that they never changed the password on their login to the router/server/whatever the fuck it is. Now i just gotta find out how to throw a dmz on my 360s ip and i think im good.


Right, those were his options, you want to do 1, 2, or 3 to fix a typical NATing issue on the 360, not a combination of the three.


would you hurt anything(i.e. slow the connection) if you keep UPnP on even though you DMZ the console?


I think ive got it! I havnt gotten to test against the problematic friend yet, but the scanning issue, and connecting issues on gta are gone. Gonna try to connect to him tonight, and see how it goes. Seems i cant find games on final fight still for some reason. Sometimes i get a full list, and others i cant find a single game. Not sure whats up with that, but if the problems effecting fighting games are gone, im happy! Thanks for all the help guys, u guys are the shit.