My internet stops working for no reason some times

My internet for no apparrant reason will stop working. Well, I guess not neccessarly my internet, but my web browsers. Firefox and IE will not go anywhere, it just says done. My other programs with internet still work fine such as P2P programs, GGPO, counterstrike, but just surfing the net doesn’t work.

I can log off and log on and it fixes the problem. But its annoying. It happens randomly, I don’t run any special programs.

I have windows XP. Dell desktop.

any ideas?

Does it happen on all sites or only a few?

Do you have a firewall (either the built in windows one or third party) turned on?

Sounds like a firewall issue to me.

it happens to all sites, just internet doesn’t go anywhere. blank pages. i don’t have any firewalls IIRC.

it was working fine about a month ago. how would i know if its a firewall issue? i just browse and if i just stayed logged on for about an hour, it just stops.

wierd thing is, if i log off and log on, it works. if me and my brother are logged on, i can log him off from ctrl alt dlt /users and then my internet will start back up and work without having to log off.

Does your modem have lights that start blinking when the net stops?

You really should post issues like this in the Computer Help thread.

And you need to give us more information:
How is your network set up? Do you all connect wirelessly?

Update your virus scan signatures and run a virus scan and remove any threats it detects.

Go to Start > Run > MSCONFIG and on the “startup” tab uncheck any programs that you don’t recognize or use. You don’t need these and it won’t do your system any harm to uncheck them, so feel free to click click click to your heart’s content! Click ok. Reboot when it asks you to and run like that for a few days until you can confirm the problem is gone.

If you want to, you can go back and try the programs in MSCONFIG one-by-one untill you narrow down which one causes the problem and remove that program from your system using Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel.

Hope that works. :tup:

My computer is connected directly into cable modem, no wireless router.

I don’t have much virus protection, but then again, i don’t usually get viruses cause i only use my pc for normal stuff like email, srk and ebay and such.

any free anit-virus that you guys can recommend?

i used search and destroy, didnt do much.

do you have your computer setup for a static ip?

Does this happen often? Or just every once and awhile? It could be your DDNS updating, if I recall correctly. This would leave your other applications working, while making you unable to connect to websites until the update finished.

Though this should not happen all that often.

not sure, how would i tell?

happens everytime i log on to my pc. i have to log off and log back on like 10 times a day.

Spyware is a likely candidate too. Try out spybot search and destroy.
Do the full scan and if you find, and remove, some spyware its likely that its a smart bugger. Turn on the residental tea timer (poke around in spyware S&D, youll find it)
It will notify you when the registry changes for whatever reason. If it changes spontaneously its a clear sign that something isnt right and a reboot and rescan with spybot is needed.

If the problem persists run ccleaner, disable the system recovery feature and try spybot again.
Disable the system recovery by rightclicking on ‘my computer’ -> ‘system restore’ tab -> ‘disable system recovery’ checkbox. Names might not be exactly as i type them out, i got the swedish version of XP.
The system recovery is a nifty tool but also a breeding ground for all kinds of crap since most…friendly… anti spyware software dont search through it.
As a last resort, try this forum out.

open up your “Local Area Connection Status” and click the support tab. it will say some information like your IP address and default gateway. just above those it says “Address Type” and next to that it will either say Manually configured or assigned by DHCP. if it says assigned by DHCP then it isnt static.