My Introduction and Joystick Controller Site

I thought I’d just do a shameless plug for my new site that has recently come together, and kinda introduce myself.

The site mainly centers on building a custom joystick, but has quite a bit of other useful information, especially for those new to joysticks.

It’s a funny thing to realize how mediocre control pads can be after using them so long. I am admittedly somewhat new to joysticks, but I have done a ton of homework. I put quite a bit of effort into things over the past few months. I’m of course looking for some early input. I also plan on making some controllers in the future better than the two I currently have as examples when I get some time.

Thanks for any constructive input.

Wow, did you draw your own diagrams? (like this one)

Yes sir. Currently every image on the site was either drawn or photographed by me.

That’s pretty awesome. It’s like an English version of kowal’s website.

Very nice! Keep up the good work man.

Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

That’s awesome, man! I have an inexplicably huge amount of love and respect for well-drawn diagrams. :rofl:

very nice!

Ah man, I didn’t make the brand name list :).

Great site though bud, keep it up.

Great site! Bookmarked!

terrific site, very clean and informative

Very nice site. I specificly like how you give multiple ways to put the case together, as most people usually only explain one method which they tend towards.

Also, if you want you could throw in Toodles UPCB into the custom PCB section. You can find more info on it in his Universal PCB thread. Just do a search for it and it should come right up.

Great webpage. I wish I had an English language resource like that when I was first getting into fighting games.

Awesome website slagcoin, I added a link to your site on mine… ! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

Very very nice !!! Excellent work ! Love the site. Awesome!!

Repped, Great work :tup:

excellent wealth of information

I love you.

Thanks a ton for the compliments everybody. :slight_smile: I’ll keep my site updated as new info comes.

Lol, I have not done much work on that section. In the future I’m thinking of making that section with two parts, one for manufacturers, and one for builders.

Yeah, I did not like how different methods of making panels and boxes are not noted well anywhere I’ve seen. I sat around thinking up ways to make a box and panel before I got a router, and I’m still thinking about other possibilities. In fact, I just realized maybe one of those strong, pointed hand saws could be used like a jig or rotary saw.

And I did already mention Toodles UPCB briefly in my “Designed PCBs” section. Maybe I should call it the “Custom PCBs” section, and maybe make Toodles stand out a bit more. And maybe I need to actually get one of those PCBs.

really good stuff! :tup: