My introduction & ideas of a new fighting game

Hello everyone.

I don’t remember the last time I joined a forum related to fighting games, but I know I have. Anyways, I am new here and it is nice to be part of this place.

As I have said in my own profile here, I am currently 21 years old but I am disabled (I was born with Spina Bifida), and therefore, I do have a learning disability which slows me down on what I’m working on personally.

Anyways, I don’t want to get too far with talking about myself personally, but I do have something else I think I need to share with you guys. As of now, I am personally working on a project of my own: a new fighting game inspired by others called Princess Fighter. If you’re wondering what it is, it may not actually be what you thought at first. First of all, this project of mine contains original characters (or OCs for short), and a story of its own. It absolutely is similar to Street Fighter, but it’s supposed to be more magical and fantasy-like, and the game is supposed to be appropriate for everyone although it mostly contains female characters.

While I’m trying to turn this into a game, I actually first had to make my characters interact with each other as friends which they are. My OCs are well known as, of course, the Princess Fighters. I have made them interact with each other, make new friends, and even fight against evil to save their own world. I have been focused on this project for precisely 2 years now, so it wasn’t made too long ago.

Since I have brought up my project, I would also like you guys to at least see the characters I have created for the game. You can view them here: (I am known as MetalMushroom on that website, called Deviantart.) If any of you are already part of that website, please friend me on there so we can try and keep in touch and if you are interested in learning about Princess Fighter as well. I also have more Princess Fighter related content all over my profile page of Deviantart, so please check there as well.

To conclude this topic for now, the reason why I came here was because not only do I know and have played some of the fighting games discussed on here, but I’m also here to seek some help with my project as well as building up my team and make it bigger to make Princess Fighter a true game.

Once again, hello to everyone on here, and I hope I have come to the right place to get the help I need for Princess Fighter, and to enjoy my stay here while I focus what I’m working on. Please note me if you are really interested in my project. I would be happy if you guys can help me.

You got it all backwards.
First you learn to program, and learn to do it well.
See you in 10 years!

Excuse me, and I hate to be rude, but my mind’s not very compatible with programming games themselves, that is why I stick with story and concept writing although I AM aware that it’s not really enough. Therefore, I’m trying to develop my own team to help me with the game. I mentioned that when I started the thread, didn’t I? If not, then my mistake.

Also, to bluntly say “see you in 10 years” isn’t really a nice way to introduce people here, especially the ones who are trying to make a game of their own. I came here to get help, not get spat on and kicked in the rear end. Anyways, so far it looks like I’m in the wrong place to get help with my project according to the poll. I will try to find a better place for that but I won’t leave this place… At least for now.

I think there would be someone here who could help you realize your goal.

That said, this isn’t the best place to post this though and you may get some unfriendly comments after my post because of it. However I do wish you luck on your endevour. You got the concept and characters done and you just need someone to get the programming done. Good luck. :slight_smile:

I do believe the rules of this forum say that everyone needs to be respected on here. Everything has this same kind of rule.

Anyways, I appreciate your comment and concern about my goal.

I’m giving you respect by giving you the cold hard truth.
Since the things you cared most about were characters and story, you’d be better off compromising on making something in MUGEN than to try to make a whole new game.

Dang if you ever need some supplemental writing ability I’d love to sign on. Unlike most people, it’s always been my dream to make a fighting game, but I only like writing stories and drawing characters and playing something that I told someone to make.

Real talk, people who like to make up games and ideas are a dime a dozen. And usually the people who actually can make games (art/programming) have their own, better, ideas. You’ll find very few people willing to do the hard work for you, and they won’t be very good.
Also, most game projects are never finished or come even close to it.

The chances of this project gathering people and going all the way to finished is extremely small. Not trying to be mean, that’s just from experience and observing.

If you find competent programmers, they’ll expect to be paid for their work. And most of them will drop out of your project once their real jobs start hammering them with work they need to do.

Unless you want to make a flash game, then go for it man. Newgrounds might have the people you’re looking for.

gonna spare you further embarrassment and close this now

I suggest you look for a (professional) programmer and actually get some kind of a game to present to us before making a thread again. As someone else already said, we get plenty of “hey check out my concepts for a FG” threads, and 9 out of 10 times it is an artist with some drawings and shit else. Unless there is an actual game you’re showing us it has no place in Fighting Game Discussion. Take your art to our Media section.