My iPhone is triggering my stick's buttons

If I rest my iPhone on my stick, whenever the iPhone sends/receives data, it triggers buttons on my stick. Mainly directions and my home button. XB360 AIAB stick, iL stick and Happ buttons.

This isn’t too big a problem, but something I found interesting. What could cause it? Is the PCB not shielded enough? Or my iPhone? (It’s a 3GS)

Hijack EVO, yea? :slight_smile:

Yup, sounds like your PCB is taking interference from the phone. I have the same phone; the 3GS has a pretty high SAR of 1.19 W/kg, so it is pumping out a good dose.

That IS interesting. I’m gonna go try it now.

I suggest RadAway ©. :smiley:

It works!!!

Oh wow, interesting stuff!

Actually when I put the phone near my alarm clock I get ungodly buzzing from that same clock.

Because Science!

Typically any electronic device that goes through the FCC has to comply with part 15 of the FCC regulations, which is this:

Cell phone signals, of course, are not exactly bound to the same regulations. If you want to avoid interference, just pack your stick full of shielding.