My ipod video (30GB) keeps restarting

so i was uploading music to it last night…finished doing that, clicked on the icon in the lower right area of my computer so that i could disconnect it safely…

the safely remove storage device window came up. when i clicked the drive that the ipod was on, it said ok to disconnect or whatever. i look at the ipod and its acting crazy. it goes to the apple logo, then turns off, then goes to the apple logo again (repeat x ad nauseum). i disconnected it from the ipod to usb cable and tried to turn it off. that didn’t work. i tried to press every button on the ipod. that didn’t work. eventually i got it in disk mode.

now what? if i take it out of disc mode, it goes into an infinite restarting loop. if i leave it in disk mode, it loses its charge, dies…then if i recharge it, it remains in disk mode. if i take it out again, it goes back into that infinite loop bullshit.

any help? has this happened to anyone before? i haven’t had this ipod for a year yet, no warranty on it…this is my third ipod. i didn’t drop it, etc. etc.

plz tell me what i need to do, step by step, to get this thing working again. i’ve tried googling it and i haven’t found any helpful suggestions. am i going to have to send this thing back to apple?

Sorry for the most unwanted reply but dude, that sucks…

i also need to mention how once in disk mode, my ipod isn’t really recognized by the computer. i mean the computer knows that its plugged up, but when i go to update firmware in ephpod, it can’t find the ipod. all the songs are there though.

this is bullshit. itunes doesn’t work on my computer (whenever i install it, it fails) so i had to use ephpod just to get songs onto my ipod. last month my laptop crashed and i can’t find the start up disk and now this.

well what i would do is take it to some one elses computer (they need to have i tunes) and restore it to factory settings… what is ephpod?

i dunno anyone else with itunes and at this point i don’t want to install itunes on anyone else’s computer because i’m running into problems with it on my own computer…

thx though. i found the itunes disk that came with my ipod…i’m trying to install it on my computer, now. hopefully that will work. if not, i dunno. i’m considering taking all the songs off of my ipod using ephpod and sending the pos back to apple to have them bend me over and rape me for money. i refuse to buy another ipod. i haven’t had this thing for a year yet.

i hope it works out
i have a busted video i pod too and making a new thread would be a waste bacause it is a small problem
so when you open the i pod up the thin orange wire that controls the sound is cut is it possible to solder the wire or is there an alternate solution? also the ipod works fine you can put songs in it and store data

i reinstalled the software using the cd that came with the ipod, that failed but the ipod updated installed successfully. from there i used the ipod updater to restore my ipod to factory settings. i’ve lost ALL of the music i had on the ipod. but it works again.

now i need to upload a ton of music on my ipod again. oh well.

errmm, apple shop was your friend and you screwed up for not going.

i didn’t feel like going anywhere today. i shouldn’t have to…apple should make higher quality products.