My japan sbo6 blog

check it out. not that exciting, but maybe a cool read.

I’m ready to read some crazy ass stories, Ryan.

Ima be at the 5v5 tonight man

say waz up to the tall white guy. Hope your havin fun.

right on mod, see you there. ill be the guy with a hat and plugs in his ears.

get some japanese tail dude.

Excellent initiative! Looking forward to hear your stories. And as always when it comes to japanese war stories: the longer, the better.

Big up!

that japanese ibuki player mightve been Shao

he made it to the finals in 04 but idk…good luck to you guys though at the tournment

yeah it was shao. I just saw him at club sega, hes really fucking good.

I got footage of Daigo playing SF4. Should be pretty awesome. I will update it soon. Tried to get 3s footage but the arcade workers told me to turn it off.

do you have that daigo win streak recorded?.. no wonder japanese are always better then U.S, I bet they already got that shit to competition level.

does daigo still touch 3s and ST? does he intend to at least try the last chance qualifiers?

let blood run: the story of 3s + girls + alcohol. AWESOME!!!

anyways, did you mean togawa (cvs2 n groove player who’s teaming w/ nitto + ma jr)?? if this is true then then my theory holds true that ALL cvs2 players are sick at 3s. (i believe ogawa is a GG player)

wow daigo’s under the radar murdering ppl on sf4 waiting to comeback feirce lol

cant wait to see what he does…damn though im surprised the workers dont want any 3s recorded…do they do that in all arcades or in just certain ones…i wanted to go to japan and record as much as possible match wise but im wondering if i can

oh yeah yo did kuroda join the 5v5 or was it not enough comp for him =P

ryan your blog consists of your drinking exploits and being trashed as fuck :lol:

In almost every arcade workers will tell you not to have cameras out, not because of recording matches, but because taking pictures and video of people in japan is kind of big no no. Japanese people hate that shit.

I agree with the 2nd hand smoke part. I don’t smoke at all and I was dying. Shit was insane.

Kuroda played and he had a good fuckin team. But he did lose more than once and his team didn’t win (i think). To kens i believe. I wouldn’t put that much weight on kuroda, that guy is good but hes not invincible. Plus, kuroda looks like he should ride up to SBO on a white stallion. Dude is random as hell with his bowl cut.

lol ah ok thanks for letting me know…yeah i was just wondering about kuroda lol not that i think he’s invincible its just that im still wondering how his gouki stacks up against other players but thanks for letting me know

I think Daigo is getting bored with St and 3s and cvs2 and all them, I think he must of been playing these games for years and years so i wouldnt be surpirsed, but now that sf4 is out ofcourse he will kill it.

I still dont beleive people who say they wont play sf4

damn ryan, good shit. from evo strait to SBO. innnnsaaaaane.

it might have been togawa, i didnt know who he was, i had to ask someone. but his ken is fuckin sick.

yeah his team was ocv’ed by i think nittos team. not sure if i remember. kuroda did pull off one of his triple tatsu combos. everyone watching loved it.

its the only way to go hahah

yeah, haha that was random. i didnt see you there man, but then again there was like a million people in that arcade.

Hype Wars. MOD knows wassup.