My Jill

i have a really good jill. if you want to see it in action, come to ffa and ask me to pick her. ill post strats soon

some resets i do, launch in corner, magic series, super, immediately while falling, do another super holding foward. it hits from the back.

launch mid screen, 1234, delay, fireball super on the other side. it looks like it hits underneath

sounds cool DS. I Would really like to see a good jill player in action!

Edit:can you get someone to record some matches of u using her?

do you live in so cal? if not, ill take a camera this week.

Nope. I’m on the east coast.Yeah that would be cool if u can. I never seen a good jill player before.

Hahahahaha, this thread didn’t work out the way you wanted it, did it?

actually, better than i expected.

Lets see the Jill. I played Jill a lot, until people started rolling.

funny, im the oppisite. i started playing her alot AFTER people learned to roll.

I play with Jill all the time but only to try get better and better but I have seen some people at the local arcade do some crazy stuff with her. But I would also like to see a video of you using her!!

um, which one of her moves has the most priority as a jump in?

and why is her launcher only 4 frames? seems like u could ankle bite some jumps:looney:

jill/tron is stupid free life

teach me what a beastly jill is:wasted:

I’m pretty sure chain into slide into zombie call is my favorite thing in the entire game.

it’s all about the ridiculously hard jill/storm infinite.

don’t ask me how to do it, it’s really tough.

How do you do it? :rolleyes: