My Journey to becoming a tournament gamer


Hey my name is Devin Zanos. I am 16 years old from Kingston, NY. I want to become a tournament gamer. I play games like UMvC3, SSF4 AE, King of Fighters, etc. What is the first step to becoming someone like MarlinPie, or Justin Wong?


Practice, practice, practice. Don’t just play a long set of games, really stop and thinking about why you’re winning or losing your games, and focus on your weaknesses one step at a time. Be sure to study any and all guides, tutorials, and youtube videos that you can in order to give you some ideas as to what you should be doing next.

Attend your local community events. Hit up the Regional Matchmaking section of these forums to see what’s going on in the NY area (there’s a lot of them) and check out your local scene. People tend to improve much quicker when they practice and play with friends that are willing to help them level up.


Thanks, can you filter recent discussions on here somehow?


There’s a search tool, but honestly the subforums are the best way to find things.

The people on SRK aren’t Justin Wong or Marlinpie. We can try to help you get better, but only based on our own experiences. If there were a guide on how to be Justin Wong, there would be more Justin Wongs.


Search tool is pretty crap tbh, especially with the new forum layout.

Your best bet is to sift through the stickied posts on sub forums such as the Newbie Dojo, the games of your choice (i.e. SF4 forum), your character of choice (i.e. Ryu), as well as looking up various tutorials that can be found on shoryuken wiki, eventhubs guides, youtube is a VERY good source of any and all information, etc etc…


First step? Accept that it’s probably going to be years before you can hit JWong level. Dude can pick up any fighter and just roll with it.
Just learn your games, characters, and constantly try to level up. All you can do is play, learn, and practice. The rest will happen with time.


Yep, understand first that the reason justin wong is justin wong is he has YEARS of natural fighting game instincts and fundamentals under his belt against world level competition.

I appreciate your desire to be the best, but let me tell you, the joy is in the journey not the destination. JWong level is SOOOO far off from a new player, from that perspective they can’t see small improvements in their game, and might very well get frustrated and give up.

However, if you stay humble, think critically, learn every thing you possibly can, play your best no matter what, and most importantly seek to LEARN from your losses, you’ll start to progress!!!

Find your local session, look for the nicest dude in the room, and ask him for some help, and they’ll probably get it. the majority of dudes are non-dooshy and are excited to help people level up their game.


thanks for the help guys


Pro tip:

If you attend and participate in tournaments regularly you are a tournament gamer.