My Juri hitbox vids

Hey. I posted the juri hitbox vids from the 10 gig file when super first came out and they are on the front page on the video thread. I would like to tell you guys im taking my youtube page down tomorrow when i get back from school (like 2 pm est) to make a new page that focuses on what I want to do. I wont go into details (cuz who really cares about the details lol) but i will advise that you guys take those vids from my page and upload them to your channels cuz after that they are gone.

for those who don’t know how to download videos from youtube.

You download youtube downloader
YouTube Downloader - Software to download and convert YouTube video

then you copy the link of the vid

paste it in youtube downloader, then download. choose your quality and what not then bam you have a youtube video downloaded

It shouldn’t be a problem. I got the 60 frames-per-second HD versions of the videos pretty recently, so they’re definitely still available.