My late great Uncle was an FBI informant


Famed civil rights photographer doubled as FBI informant | The Upshot Yahoo! News - Yahoo! News

What I knew of my Great-Uncle was that he was awesome and that’s it. The idea that he was an informant is shocking and slightly unnerving.

Anyone else have an family members that really worked for the man as an informant/double agent or something to that degree?

My Ninja thurst is an FBI informant in Korea helping shut down the chinatown fair connection

stop snitching.

afaik, my grandparents/great grandparents were poor and lived in mexico.

Riley would eat my great uncle’s ass alive. But then he’d call it gay.

I think finding out about your family history is pretty interesting. I wouldn’t judge him too harshly for what he did. Think about the times he lived in. I think the mistake that we make in our current education system is that we hold people from other times to our standards and think they are racist/sexist/whatever. Now it well may be true that they are these things, but people are products of their environment and it is difficult to unlearn biases and prejudices you pick up from your upbringing.

My great grandfather (great, great, however many back) fought in the civil war and lived on the edge of Indian territory so that carpet baggers wouldn’t take his farm. :rofl: One of his neighbors shot one of the native americans and my great grandfather found him wounded, so took him into his house and dug the bullet out of him and nursed him back to health. One morning when my grandfather awoke he was gone. The natives raided that area awhile after that, stole cattle and bothered everyone EXCEPT my grandfather, who they left alone the rest of his life. My grandma still has the newspaper article. :rock: Probably not the most amazing thing, but pretty damn progressive considering this took place in the late 1800s.

the opposite of snitching.

i heard about this today. how crazy is that!