My latest 360 'wireless' arcade stick *Heaps of photos*

Nice work on the lighted guide button! I’ve been thinking about doing something like that. Glad someone else figured out how to do it and made it look so professional.

I hot glued the LEDs in place on a slight angle. It might be a bit hard to see in the photos. The reason I did this was I used 3mm LEDs and as they are bigger than the surface mounted ones on the controller, light would leak into the dome and it would light up too. I didn’t want that so I pointed them outwards so only the segments I wanted lit will light up. I used black tape in the case to stop any other light shining through the case. That’s the trouble if you use clear plexi :wgrin:

I picked up a small rounded router bit at my local hardware shop and used that to round off the edges. It took the bulk off then I smoothed it off with sandpaper. You could do it the manual way and do the whole lot with sandpaper but it might take you a while, plus it may not be that even.

Thanks for all the comments, questions and praises. Keep 'em coming :lovin:

I’ve bookmarked this thread. Some real good stuff here.


Nicee !!Love how the side buttons are recessed on the sides for a clean look.

How much would you charge to make one of these? That stick is incredible and I would love to have one.

Believe me, there is nothing better I would like to do than to make joysticks for people, but unfortunately I just don’t have the time to make them due to work (just starting a new business) and family needs. I just managed to get this one done (took me nearly 6 weeks) as I only have a bit of spare time on the weekends.

I posted this more so, so others can start an arcade stick project on their own. You’ll get much more satisfaction knowing you made it yourself :woot:

If there is any information that anyone isn’t sure about, please ask. I’m more than willing to help.

just saw your home made stick, as everybody already said, pretty impressive !

I have plenty of plexy at home and want to make one like you did. The special glue is already a great tip, thanks for it.
I still have a few questions :

-what are the separated pieces of plexy before the whole thing was assembled ? How many separated pieces the whole box is constituated ? Do you have pictures of when it was not glued yet ? Especially for “around the border” where you put the art, how did you managed to this extra shape a little round ?

-What is the thickness of the plexy you used ?

-What kind of painting did you used ? I noticed that before the white painting the stick was temporarily grey? what is it ?

-Where did you find the S mounting-plate ? (pretty smart way to fix the stick)

-What is the material of the base plate ? Also plexy ? And what are the 4 things in the corners who hold the base plate’ screws ?

-And on the top of the stick, where the buttons and stick are, how the plate is fixed and again with what material ? I don’t see any screw, pretty clean !

Thanks for reading me despite the grammatical mistakes.


I like that arcade cabinet.

Unfortunately, that’s one thing I forgot to do. I got all excited about making this stick I forgot to take photos of each of the parts before gluing them all together. :sad: The piece on top (border) is a piece of plexi with the whole cut out and then glued onto another piece the same size.

3mm and 4.5mm. 3mm used for the top and base and where the recessed buttons are. Also pretty much everywhere inside the case, for securing the base, etc I used 3mm. I used strips of 4.5mm for extra reinforcement in the corners of the case.

Just regular acrylic car paint. The grey is plastic primer undercoat, which is a necessity otherwise the top coat won’t stick. Also roughen up the surface a bit with sandpaper, seems to make the paint stick better.

Lizardlick :woot:

As already mentioned, it’s also 3mm plexi and yes those 4 brackets in the corners are for screws, otherwise the base would fall off. :rofl:

It’s also 3mm plexi. It’s a very tight fit, only the buttons themselves are really holding it down. You don’t need anything else.

No problem :tup: Hope it helps.

Aw, too bad you don’t have pictures on how to put the box together…

Thanks for answered each of my questions one by one ! :slight_smile:

Nice work.

Cool stick. Is it possible to use a converter for ps3/2 games?

In trying to correct the error of my ways :angel:, I have done up a quick plan of the case with dimensions. Please note this is only rough, but it gives you guys a guide into how it fits together. Some measurements are not 100% exact but it’s as close as I can remember.

The sides pieces join onto the front and back side pieces, which is why they are 32cm long instead of 33cm. (to compensate for the 9-10mm thickness of the plexi)

Hope it helps those that are interested in making a case similar to this one.`ckpichler/wireless/plans.jpg

It is, if you use a PS3 controller PCB instead. As you can see, this one’s wireless and only works on the 360.

Did this plan help anyone? Any other questions?

No, there’s no converters to use 360 controllers on other systems or to use other controllers on the 360. You can however install a common-ground Playstation 3 PCB alongside the wireless Xbox 360 PCB.


Really nice work that stick! I’m new to this world, but I’m planning to build myself a nice arcade stick to play a decent Soul Calibur 4 game on my 360. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll be avalaible for some pointers. :wink:



any chance i can get those blueprints of you arcade cabinet?

To be honest, I don’t have any. Reason being I never drew any out. Actually I lie, I did scribble a bit on a few sheets of paper but God knows where they are now. Sorry dude, one problem I have when making things like this is that I never plan on making another one and sometimes I need to adjust certain pieces to make them fit properly. Thus I haven’t got any ‘proper’ plans

I did however get some of my inspiration and starter plans from this site and altered them a little mainly to give the sides a bit more style and I also had to make it wider to fit the particular 68cm TV that I was going to use. The timber I used was 18mm plywood. I needed 3x 8x4’ sheets.

Hope that gets you started in the right direction. :karate: