My latest songs hopefully will be on game that will be displayed at evo only 95 left

I worked on this song for about 6 hours and plan on working/tweaking it up until the day I leave to head for evo. Haven’t named it yet, but if someone wants to come up with a name for it, I’d greatly appreciate it. A person we all know is developing his own fighting game and he said it had no music so I composed this to see if it was good enough. It is a yousendit link so only 100 people can download it. Something happened when I converted it into a wav file so there are slight glitches at the beginning/end of the file.

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You made this?! That was decent man! Sounds more like something out of an RPG though than a fighting game, as it gives me images of games like ‘Disgaea’ and ‘Breath of Fire.’ Not sure why exactly, but it does, it reminds me of the kind of music you hear when you finally gain control of your character or something. As for a name, I have no idea, I’m terrible at naming things… Ermm… How about:

Bright Awakening

Reminds me of waking up in the morning and stepping outside into the sun in some random RPG town… Very cliche, I know lol… :frowning:

Could always call it:

Fist Full of Ass

jeez only 1 reply :frowning: Guess I gotta improve it or something. Thanks for the props though. Bright awakening sounds good to me. I am like 85% sure I’ll name it that. TBH I guess I was going more for an rpg kind of sound. Someone put valkyrie profile 2’s battle theme on seasons beatings II disc and it went really well. I figured I could try the same thing but intentionally write an RPG sounding song for a fighting game. 108 view means it is probably out of downloads anyways.

Curiously a lot of my music people associate with rpg or anime… i.e.

I’ll check it out man… sorry but the link just looked so suspicious looking imo… I just ignored it… dl’ing right now…

actually here is a link to the 2 hour version of the song… before I got writer’s block and had to stop. Sometimes writer’s block is a good thing, because it typically occurs when you have gone in a bad direction. It’s like my brain won’t allow me to continue to build on a bad foundation, so I have to go back delete/change something and then it opens the door.

Yep sounds like an final fantasy game… this is more RPG than fighting game lol… shit is pretty fucking sweet though thnks… I tend to listen to hiphop whenever I play any kind of fighting game and wish street fighter and marvel had the same soundtrack from [media=youtube]mK7ygrzmhrg&feature=related"[/media]…

Good stuff man! If I ever get round to completing the RPG Maker project I was working on, I know where to come for music! :slight_smile:

It sounds cool but yeah it belongs in a rpg. Its too slow paced for it to be in a fighting game imo.

Slapped on a tentative DnB back ground track to it to see if it makes a differenece, I think I had a different style in my head so it didn’t mesh right to me. Could be wrong…what do you guys think?

Now this could work in a fighting game, more of the doujin type fighters than the Street Fighter games… if that’s what you were going for great…as far as my opinion goes I’m getting this kinda vibe off of it


A blend of these two track is what it sounds like to me… good shit nonetheless… you’re getting closer to what you wanted(a fighting game theme) imo…

Well I now have an amazing gamer/guitarist working on it with me… I think he might replace the high place string melody with a lead guitar. It is none other than Mr. Mike Ross the famous Video producer, Gamer, Guitarist and J-Setter. I’m sure that will push it more in the fighting game direction.

Cool… although I’ll always maintain that the best soundtrack comes from Street Fighter EX 3… and since you are trying a DnB drum pattern(don’t know too much about music myself) might want to check it out and model your music after that(at least I think the EX 3 has a DnB drum pattern:sweat:)

[media=youtube]axibQV5YsOk&feature=related[/media] -don’t think this one has a dnb drum pattern but I like it so just leaving this one here…

nice. Definitely more for an RPG. Star fox for Wii?

a 2 hour song? Can you possibly just upload 5 min. sample to youtube?


Thats what this was

I just listened to both, they both sound good to me… Hard to decide

yousendit != youtube but w/e…

The DNB mix of this song is not good imo. The drums doesn’t move the song anywhere and it’s just out of place. It just makes the song static and it’s just adding too much to the song and diverting attention from the listener.

I can hear an announcer say “please select your character” in the original mix though. The mix sounds too robotic and clean. I would like to hear notes slightly shifted to the right and left to give it a more human feel maybe have different velocity but that’s just me.

Also, the song does not get to the point. Remember, fighting game matches don’t last that long so you want to be banging from the beginning. I don’t see this being in a stage in a fighting game, but in the select screen like i said before. I would scrap it if it’s for a fighting game. Note that I don’t think this song is bad, it’s more for an RPG like many said. This is QUALITY RPG music. Keyword: RPG.

And your 2 hour song is the same as your 2 min sample. All in all, good stuff.

I guess I should explain what I mean by 2 hour song. I define songs by the ammount of time I put into them. The link to the 2 hour version of the song means that I only worked on it for 2 hours which is really about 1:30 due to all of the interruptions. Anyways I’ve put significantly more time into it now and one can clearly see the development. I made a 2nd song just recently but it failed too :frowning: I can see it more for a cool adventure game like a non 8 bit megaman or something.

Thanks for all the constructive criticizm it is really hard to hear sometimes, especially when I really want this song to be part of the game. Truth be told I agree though. It is very much an rpg song. I did aim for an rpg feel and hoped it would be good enough to cross over like the valkyrie profile song from the first match of I guess I have to get lucky. I do like the song that I did get, but I am disappointed that I didn’t get a fighting game song. I can’t choose what inspiration comes. I just start playing and let whatever comes from me choose it’s own direction like free-writing.

I’ll upload the other song later tonight. I put it as the music while playing megaman 9 and it worked really well for some stages, but not at all for boss fights.

Hip hop you say? I do hip hop instrumentals, but they don’t fit on a fighting game. This is currently one of, if not, my favorite personal compositions of the hip hop genre. NVM the title. [media=youtube]agGgnFNZnYA[/media]