My latest work

i havent drawn anything for a while so i think i may have lost a bit of skill. but i think this one is pretty good. sagat. i took about an hour and 20 minutes. tell me what you think.

no you know better than that…

Ive seen you produce better pics than that. Lets kick it up a notch Knuckles

you’re right. i spent more time on this ryu. i think its probably my best work yet.

thats what I’m talking about!


thanks man! i know i worked really hard trying to get the colors just right.


That shit is awesome!

Psh. Knuuckles, DS and I own this turf. Best back off

damn dude thats pretty fucking tight, i think this one is better though!!!1

t00 l33t. I must admit my defeat:(

you were a very worthy opponent, you just need to work on your coloring like me :cool: