My left hand is extremly weak


I’m messing around with sf3 right now, and I"ve made an amazing discovery…

My left hand is a great deal slower than my right hand. :wonder:

Ok, its not that amazing, but I’m having a great deal of trouble adjusting and becoming a stick user and I’m guessing this is a good reason why.

I just did about 10 perfect quarter circles in a row with my right hand, but I can barely get 3 off with my left

I’m actually better (at pulling of specials) right now if I cross my arms up and use my right hand for the joystick and my left for the buttons.

Is that normal?

Try it out, you might be surprised yourself


Fuck normal. Do what works for you best.


your right left hand? so that means you have 2 left hands one being the right left and the other being the left left?

my suggestion: stop jacking off with your right hand… the strengths will equal out…


maybe you should go “dragon style”?


You know what…

You might be right… I’m gonna go get started on my training…


there are legit skillful players that play w/ hands crossed, so if it works, do it.


Just learn regular. Of course most movements are easier with your right hand. But the trickier, quicker movements are actually done on the BUTTONS, not on the joystick. Most noobs mistakenly think that it’s all about the joystick (probably due to their focus on specials). But the truth of it is that you want your GOOD hand on the buttons because the timing and speed needed for accurate links and cancels is more important than the movements (which can usually be buffered big time, that can’t be said for button presses).

So don’t screw yourself over by focusing on the joystick with your dominant hand. You’ll just be crippling yourself once you get better.


Yeah man, definitely stick with that (har har bad pun) if it’s what feels best for you. Arcade OG’s used to call this cross-handed position “tiger style.” Seth Killian a.k.a. s-kill a.k.a. is probably the most well-known cross-handed player in America.

Jimi Hendrix, widely considered the most innovative electric guitarist of all time, was right-handed, but usually (not always) held the guitar like he was left-handed, but played on a right-handed guitar instead of a left-handed one, and sometimes (not always) re-strung it backwards so it was the “right” (I mean correct) way again. :looney:


Masturbate with it.

Real talk.


That makes a lot of sense… But thinking about it, I’m thinking if I stay with the normal layout, I’m weakening my self in the long run.

I’m a web developer, so I spend at least 15 hours a day on or near my computer. I obviously use my right hand for the mouse and for the pointer pad on my laptop.

So the constant rolling of the wrists feels extremely natural on my right hand but not at all on my left.

Also, I type well with both hands so I’m guessing the button presses won’t be an issue, again, it’s a natural motion for me and probably most of you.

Also, I’d say canceling is a little tricky to do because of the double over motion, not because of the 2 button press.

I have actually been stuck on some easy trials that involve basic fireball motions, Sakura’s mp -> fireball normal trial, I mean, if I can’t do that shit, I shouldn’t be playing the game.

Starting to think I have “lag” in my left hand, and if that’s true, then I have more problems to worry about than street fighter lol.

So I guess I should look in to right handed (or is it left handed) sticks.

Are there any non custom right handed sticks out there?


Build a custom stick with the stick on the right side. >_>


^ ya what he said that would be cool.


So there aren’t any already made huh?

Alright, thanks .


If you have a Mad Catz Stick, you can open Case and turn the Joystick PCB 180.
Put back together, then play with the Arcade Stick upside-down after doing Button Configuration?


lol, would that work?

I guess I’d still have to replace the … top plastic thing for it to feel right…


^^ (jdm714)
Would probably get my vote for “most helpful person on SRK” (at least in tech talk).


Try it out.
The Vewlix Button Layout has six Buttons that are straight either way.

But what plastic thing?
I can’t visualize right now. :sad:

My mind blown after watching the spectacle of Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo at Midnight.

I just realized that for me to have typed out playing with Mad Catz with Case turned around, I had to visualize it.
But I mentioned above that I could not.
I’m so crazy.

There are others who know so much more than me.
Like M K L and kowal; they have access to many Joystick stuff.

I get all my information just from reading everything of Tech Talk.
And other Forums like BYOAC.

After reading, I type down things to remember.
And all Posts I type, I archive in a .txt file for reference when need.


Yeah, I still think you may be a contender though. It must be that filing system that makes you so efficient :wink:


I mean just the whole top of the case.

If I have to drill my own holes and all that, I’m gonna pass, that’s a little much.


That is a legit style, yes. Some people are just better coordinated like that, I guess. Heck, I’m half a mind to mess around with it and see if it could work for me. I use my right hand for just about everything except writing, lol.