My left handedness and pianoing



I’ve always found it so hard to coordinate pianoing and use slide instead. It is not until now I realise why: my left handedness makes it far harder to do the motion on my righ hand. Left one feels so much more natural. Does anyone else have this problem? Would you think left handedness is a hindrance at high levels of play? If yes, any good solutions?


try seth killian cross handed style. i am also ex left handed making it difficult for me to dp when i am on the right side. but alot of practice helps


I figured there are actually pros to being left handed, but I guess it depends on the character. Piano heavy characters should be easier for right handed people. I also play Blanka and his piano stuff is impossible for me on the right hand. Sliding is my only option there.

Hehe, does cross handed work decently, though?


never tried it.