My life is over



Im 27 now, 28 in may.
I have a baby on the way.
A son, im proud to say.
But then things get clouded.
My vision of the future becomes a grey haze.
I dont know if I still love my sons mother.
Im trapped, there is no escape.
Obligated to stay.
I made my decision long ago.
The consequences I have to pay.
Happiness is a luxury.
I await the day I can afford it.


My life is over…
I hope my son can forgive me, ill do my best to support him.


the fuck? I can understand posting something like this when your in your teens, but your pressing 30… I’ve got mad friends who are fathers or fathers-to-be and they take care of their shit and still have fun. That or best luck on the Maury show.




Not sure why you would post this here. But good luck, hopefully things turn around.


I feel your pain. I dealt with a pregnancy scare and it sucked. Luckily, it was just a late period. I can only imagine what its like when its the real deal.


Yup. Your life is over. You should kill yourself.


Maybe he shoulda asked her to turn around before any of this could happen.


I heard role play can save relationships.


I’m stealing this.


your life is over because you have a child on the way?

well, should have busted on the bed instead…


Hey don’t be so blue, there is still a chance of a miscarriage!
Or maybe they will be born with a horrible, degenerative disease and you won’t have to raise them at all!
Think positive man! You can’t just give up and just assume the baby will be born healthy!


Hey man (if this isn’t a joke post, that is) I pretty much AM YOU, 3 years later tho. My son is 3 now. I was never in love with his mom, we broke up (I initiated) and luckily I still spend a lot of time with him and am so much happier without her. Not saying its all sunshine and rainbows, but overall things are good. I consider myself lucky because it could be so much, SO MUCH worse. If this ain’t a joke post and you have questions or concerns, post up. You’re life will NEVER be the same, but it’s far from over.


And that’s why you shouldn’t have sex.


This is you.


You sir are a buster. That is all.


Fuck you doin’ on SRK, get your ass prepared because a new life is on its way.

But as for [media=youtube]avUSvp442XQ"[/media]…


Aging is preparing oneself to die.

Giving up on sex…

Giving up on life…

Giving up on everything…

Was that “emo”?


Srk is ruthless :rofl::rofl:


This is why I pull out.



Im pretty sure I cannot obtain happiness within this relationship.
So either im going to cheat on her, and not tell her about it, and pretend to love her.
Or, completely fuck her life up and break up with her while she is pregnant, or after we have a kid.

Im leaning more to the former.